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UN Syrian chemical weapons report exposes Washington’s lies

16 December 2013

The release of a United Nations chemical weapons inspectors’ report pointing to multiple sarin gas attacks carried out by so-called “rebel” forces further exposes the Obama administration’s lies about Syrian government responsibility for an August 21 chemical shelling of the Ghouta area outside of Damascus.

Washington seized on the incident as the pretext for a planned bombing campaign and stepped-up drive for regime-change against Syrian President Bashar al-Assad.

The UN report’s appearance last Thursday follows the publication of Pulitzer Prize-winning investigative journalist Seymour Hersh’s detailed article in the London Review of Books revealing that the Obama administration deliberately manipulated intelligence to falsely assert it had proof of Syrian government and military responsibility for the Ghouta attack.

Hersh cited current and former US military and intelligence officials on the falsification of intelligence regarding the August 21 attack as well as the Obama administration’s concealment of the existence of intelligence reports warning that the Al Qaeda-affiliated Al Nusra Front militia had the capacity to manufacture and weaponise the nerve gas sarin used in the Ghouta attack.

The 82-page UN chemical weapons report is based on extensive on-the-ground investigations of multiple sites where allegations of chemical weapons use were raised by either the Syrian government or the American, British and French governments. The inspectors analysed soil and other environmental samples, examined hair, urine, tissue and blood samples for trace chemicals, interviewed survivors, witnesses and medical personnel, and documented munitions allegedly used to deliver the sarin in each incident.

They concluded that in addition to the Ghouta incident, there were at least four “probable” sarin attacks. In three of these attacks, Syrian army soldiers were the victims of the deadly gas, while in the fourth, civilians were affected. Not a single one of the confirmed chemical attacks were against “rebel” militia fighters.

Two of the now confirmed chemical attacks occurred within days of the Ghouta gassing. On August 24—three days after Ghouta and at the same time Obama was readying the US military for a strike, while denouncing the Syrian government for crossing his “red line”—sarin gas was deployed against Syrian soldiers in the Damascus suburb of Jobar. What the UN report describes as a “relatively small attack” was confirmed through interviews with survivors and clinicians, and through sarin-positive blood samples collected by Syrian authorities and authenticated by the UN inspectors.

The report says of the incident: “A group of soldiers . . .

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