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I discovered this brilliant and original series of videos at the “The Money Fix” website, here.

Money is just information, a way we measure what we trade, nothing of value in itself. And we can make it ourselves, to work as a complement to conventional money. Just a matter of design.

                                                                        – open money manifesto

part 1: the “does, is, and from” for conventional money

part 2: our life in the money tank

part 3: the “does, is, and from: for community money

part 4: how a virtual money network call help us spend ourselves back into employment

part 5: a multiplicity of currencies gives us the most flexibility

part 6: monies of relationship

part 7: how money patterns the ways things move

part 8: namespaces

part 9: open money is a commons

part 10: organizing open money initiatives