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You see, when someone like Crothers says there is no valid black hole boundary, he is written off as a crank, but if Hawking says it, well it must be true! That’s how science is supposed to work!  It doesn’t matter what you can prove, it only matters who you are. [1]

“The usual style if you’re famous enough to put out a paper like this, is you follow it up with more details,” she said. “That’s what physicists like me will be waiting on, because it matters what he thinks.” [2] (Norm’s emphasis)

Original youtube title: Hawking Still in the Dark on Black Holes | Space News

The video summary reads in part as follows:

Published on Feb  4, 2014

Listen as mathematician Stephen Crothers tells us why not much has changed since Stephen Hawking’s recent “revelation” in his 4-page paper in Nature. Crothers will be a featured speaker at the upcoming Electric Universe 2014 Conference : All About Evidence, March 20-24 in Albuquerque, New Mexico. For more information, click on: http://www.thunderbolts.info/wp/2013/…

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And, of course, Eric Lerner also weighs in:

Original youtube title: Einstein said There Are No Black Holes  

The summary of the video reads:

Published on Jan 31, 2014

This video explains how Einstein proved in 1939 that his general relativity theory proved black holes do NOT exist. The myth that relativity predicted black holes arose in the 1960’s after Einstein’s death.


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