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Interventions Watch

On Sunday 6th March, the London Review of Books published an article by Seymour Hersh about the chemical weapon attacks in Ghouta and surrounding areas in August 2013, in which he makes a number of explosive claims. Among these claims are that:

  • British scientists at Porton Down had established that the Sarin used in the attacks didn’t match any Sarin known to exist the in Syrian regime’s Arsenal, and then told their U.S. counter-parts that the case against the Assad regime would therefore not ‘hold up’.
  • That actors within the Turkish military and intelligence establishment thought they could force Obama to enforce his ‘Red Line’ on chemical weapons usage by ‘dabbling with a sarin attack inside Syria’.
  • That when the Obama regime claimed after the attacks that  only the Assad regime had access to Sarin, they knew this be incorrect, as it was  contradicted by a Defense Intelligence Agency assessment…

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