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Published on 17 May 2014

First hand testimonies of Sudanese refugees in Israel telling their stories. In the past few months about 70% of the community has been deported or imprisoned.

In December 2013, Israel began to implement its latest deportation and imprisonment policy towards African asylum seekers – specifically targeting the Sudanese refugee community (at the time approx. 10,000 people out of 53,000 African asylum seekers).

In the past 5 months, Israel deported over 4000 Sudanese refugees to Khartoum Sudan, where some have been killed, many are tortured in prison, all are under restrictive surveillance and political persecution by the Sudanese regime who claims returnees are “mossad agents” . Some have been deported to Uganda and Rwanda with no protection or valid documents. This is a direct volition of non- return international law.
Israel provides returnees with fake passports, stolen from Sudanese prisoners in Saharonim. Many have signed coerced return forms to Uganda but found themselves forced to board flights to Khartoum, Sudan at transit airports.

Of the remaining community in Israel, 2000 are currently in indefinite detention at Holot refugee prison, many more are imprisoned in Saharonim and other Israeli prisons.

For those who are still free, daily survival includes street and home raids, obstructed visa renewal, exploitation by employers and landlords, poverty, racism, fear and brutal pressure to return to Sudan- where ethnic cleansing, religious and political persecution continues by the ICC-convicted war criminal Omar Bashir.

Around the world 70% of Sudanese asylum seekers are recognized as refugees, but in Israel – zero Sudanese received refugee status. The UNHCR refuses to monitor Israel’s so called asylum application procedures.

The Sudanese refugee community is trapped between indefinite detention in Israel or death in Sudan. Please demand the UNHCR’s immediate intervention
UN High Commissioner for Refugees, Mr. António Guterres guterres@unhcr.org
UNHCR Director of International Protection, Mr. Volker Türk turk@unhcr.org
UNHCR representative in Israel, Mrs. Walpurga Englbrecht englbrec@unhcr.org

The Organization of Sudanese Refugees in Israel
Contact: sud.refugees.org@gmail.com