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Interventions Watch

There was one in Pakistan, in October 2006, which barely registered at the time, and which likely won’t be referenced now, despite the obvious comparisons to be drawn in the wake of today’s terrible atrocity is Peshawar.

There were no raging editorials condemning it in the strongest possible terms; no live blogs in which people could express their disgust and call for ‘wiping this scum off the face of the earth right now’; and no front page headlines bearing witness to atrocity.

Just a handful of articles, even in the best British newspapers.

Firstly blaming the wrong people entirely and smearing the victims as ‘militants’ (i.e. amplifying U.S. and Pakistani propaganda).

Secondly lamenting that the attack was ‘great propaganda for the Taliban’, although still no mention of the dead kids (and imagine today’s attack being described as ‘great propaganda for the Pakistani government and United States’).

And thirdly a story…

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