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Source: Conspiracy of liesCritical Thinking

(Yes, you do want to follow the links.  If I had to pick one, Orlov’s piece is pretty good.  All links are equally worthy of your attention, however.)

What is a “conspiracy theorist”? “Someone who questions the statements of known liars.” So referring to the recent Daily Pickings on the Bush dynasty, you’re a conspiracy theorist if you question the claim that George HW Bush had no intelligence experience before being appointed Director of the CIA in 1976, whereas all the evidence suggests he’d been working with/in the CIA for many years and his particular penchant was/is for black-ops.

You’re also a conspiracy theorist if you question George W Bush’s compulsory military service in the National Guard. Overwhelming evidence shows he did not fulfil his service obligation, benefited from his father’s connections to avoid the draft to serve in Vietnam by getting into the National Guard and then went AWOL for most of the period he was supposed to flying for the Guard. Yet under his presidency, the hounds of war were unleashed on the basis of lies and misinformation while “W” posed as the all American hero belying the treachery of his “war” record. Remember the photo-op in full military garb on the aircraft carrier with the banner “Mission Accomplished” claiming victory Iraq. If the mission was to destroy the country, destabilise the region for decades and create profits for big oil and the military-industrial complex, then one could say it was a true statement.

Daily Pickings made reference, in the same post, to Bush Snr’s involvement in black-ops across Latin America. Chile was subjected to the shock doctrine under the US backed dictator Augusto Pinochet and even today Chile remains one of the most unequal countries in the world.

Despotism, Neoliberalism and the “Chilean Miracle” By John Kozy

“In 1970, the Chilean people elected an openly socialist government hoping to finally bring about change. The conservative reaction was swift. With a large handful of help form the C.I.A., a military coup d’etat overthrew the government in September 1973 and installed a despotic government headed by General Augusto Pinochet who was not a nice man. During his short seventeen year reign, thousands were killed and many simply disappeared. But he made a significant contribution to Chile’s economy. He began the Chilean Miracle.” [– John Kozy]

Argentina is now being softened up for “regime change” because President Christina Fernández de Kirchner is resisting the extortionate demands from vulture funds, who bought Argentine debt for a few cents on the dollar, for full repayment at face value.

The Nisman Murder and the AMIA Terror Bombing: A Tangled Thread By Gareth Porter

“The central accusation in his affidavit, made 96 times, according to press accounts, was that Kirchner and Timerman had sought to revoke the Interpol arrest warrants against the former Iranian officials. But Ronald K. Noble, the secretary general of Interpol for fifteen years until last November, denied Nisman’s accusation.  Noble declared, “I can say with 100 percent certainty, not a scintilla of doubt, that Foreign Minister Timerman and the Argentine government have been steadfast, persistent and unwavering that the Interpol’s red notices be issued, remain in effect and not be suspend or removed.”” [– Gareth Porter]

We refer to the Matrix, the parallel universe most people inhabit but which bears little relationship to reality.

Masters of Parallel Universes by Dimitry Orlov

“One last thing: if you find yourself living in a Schrödinger box, do what you can to avoid ending up dead. I’ll leave it up to you to work out out the details of that, but the hint is simple: your likelihood of ending up dead is higher if you believe in lies. Don’t be a dead cat.” [– Dimitry Orlov]