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[Norm’s note: the ‘internet’ can at times be frustrating in that the links pointing to references inexplicably break at times and, if not that, the documents one cites at times change in both their titles and their substance or wording.  The quote below from “The Washington Post with Bloomberg” is a perfect example of how that happens.  However, I’ve been able to track down the quote in what appears to be the article I originally quoted from, here, this time published with the Chicago Tribune and there clearly titled and attributed in the following manner:

Ukraine truce in peril as government troops abandon rail hub

By Daryna Krasnolutska, Patrick Donahue and Milda Seputyte, Bloomberg NewsBloomberg

Febuary 18, 2015, 3:20 PM

So now the foregoing ‘link(s)’ should substitute for the originals below, citing the ‘Ukraine Truce in Peril . . .’ piece.  One wonders, however, why the substitute article at “The Washington Post with Bloomberg” should have been altered as much as it has been? Perhaps the bit about Germany’s opposition to arms deliveries is what needs to be blinked.  Or maybe it’s nothing but the internet doing what the internet does: things get moved around and changed and ‘links’ drift.]


From the following article,  Ukraine Truce in Peril as Government Troops Abandon Rail Hub :

U.S. Arms

Karl-Georg Wellmann, a lawmaker in Merkel’s Christian Democratic Union party and chairman of the German-Ukrainian parliamentary group, told newspaper Tagesspiegel that Germany won’t be able to halt U.S. weapons deliveries to Ukraine to fight Russian-supported separatists.

“We will no longer be able to stop weapons deliveries from the U.S. and Canada” after rebel gains in Debaltseve, he told the newspaper in an interview Wednesday. The German government’s opposition to arms deliveries hasn’t changed, Seibert said.

Source: The Washington Post with Bloomberg

Zero Hedge, in a related article quoting roughly the same lines, appends the following: “A large-scale war could develop out of that,” Wellmann says.

I don’t seem to be able to confirm one way or the other whether Karl-Georg Wellmann actually said that, but as “…Russian defense analysts polled by The Moscow Times said[,] … U.S. arms transfers to Ukraine would be interpreted in Moscow as a declaration of open proxy war with Russia and inevitably lead to escalation of the conflict.” [source]

You can read the Zero Hedge article, “Us Sends “Tankbuster” Jets To Europe Over Russia Fears After Germany Says “A Large Scale War Could Develop,””  here.