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Does anybody remember?

Fifty million climate refugees by 2010!

But not that there was ever an attempt to “disappear” what eventually became an inconvenient prediction.

Not to worry, however, for the truth has since been amended to 2020, apparently.

Mark it on your calendar so you don’t forget. Otherwise you’ll be taken unprepared, as you would not have been in 2010, by the sudden upsurge in climate refugees. That’s only roughly 5 years out.  As had been 2010 roughly from the date of the first installment of this self-same forecast.

Anthony Watts has many other interesting items of note and analyses over at his blog.  That is, for any of you who might be curious and are not easily offended by a little ribbing or satire.  It’s not all teasing, however.  Much that Anthony does is, well, plain and simple no nonsense climate science.


Fifty million climate refugees by 2010  2020