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The responsibility of intellectuals, and especially of fame, is not merely about speaking out publicly about the malfeasance one can describe in detail, but about publicly proclaiming one’s ignorance on issues of which one knows oneself to be uninformed.

The Wall Will Fall

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My Email Correspondence With Noam Chomsky: 1/1/15 – 3/1/15

Note: As I understand legal principles. This transcript has not been altered to the extent that it constitutes a misrepresentation of the original source. All alterations are purely cosmetic, i.e. the removal of repetitive back correspondence. Disclosing this correspondence is ONLY an invasion of privacy if the publication contains material that a reasonable person would expect the author (of the said material) to remain private. This is highly unlikely given that Mr. Chomsky’s career involves publicly discussing the very topics featured in this transcript. 

Jay Tharappel


In this interview you state at 4:33.

“The major ground forces that are fighting ISIS are apparently the PKK and its allies in Syria…”


By allies in Syria it’s clear you’re referring to the YPG.

Just curious why you didn’t mention the Syrian ArabArmy, which has been fighting ISIS since…

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