What happened? Do you

Know what happened?

While you lived, while you walked

Upon this earth?


When I was a child, innocently

For a time, I felt . . . like you felt

At one with everything,

With everyone.


Then I heard of things

Felt things, saw things

That disturbed me in my innocence

That stripped me of my innocence.


The cruelty of people

Toward one another, of people I trusted

Of people I deeply loved.

I did not understand the betrayal.


I do not even now understand it

Except to acknowledge it

To say that that is

How it is and was and may forever be.


They murder, they murder

Men, women


No one is exempt.  No one.


Why?  Why do they murder so?

Ask them.  You can’t embarrass them.

Well, maybe a little.  Otherwise

What of their lies in stupefying profusion?


So Why?  Because they think it’s worth it.

It’s worth it because they think it.

So they murder ‘them’ preemptively

Because ‘they’ hate ‘us,’ because ‘they’ would kill ‘us.’


Then, for safe measure, they themselves kill ‘us’ to persuade ‘us’

How ‘they’ would kill ‘us’ if ‘they’ ever did

Men, women, and children

In their millions.  By the millions.


What is happening? Do you

Know what is happening?

While you live, while you walk

Upon this earth?  Or will you already have forgotten?