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The Wall Will Fall

Paris 13/11:

“Last night was the worst massacre to take place on French soil since August 1944.”

“Paris Wakes Up Under Siege After Deadliest Attack Since WWII”

“Authorities in France and Belgium took people into custody Saturday in the aftermath of the worst violence in France since World War II”

Just a few of the deliberately obscurantist and emotionally misleading headlines following the 13/11 “terror” attacks in Paris.

While quite rightly reporting the truly horrific scenes in Paris on Friday 13th 2015, the mainstream media conveniently forgot the ghosts & surviving families of the victims of another terrifying atrocity committed on Parisian streets by the “terrorists” concealed within France’s own security apparatus, that turned its violence and brutality onto France’s Algerian community, protesting France’s colonialist war in Algeria in 1961.

The mainstream media conveniently forgot to mention how the streets of Paris ran with the blood of more than 200 Algerians in…

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