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The Wall Will Fall

15th December 2015

On December 11th at the Global Campaign to Return to Palestine Conference,  we said goodbye to Hamad ZakZaky son of Sheikh Ebrahim ZakZaky, one of the most inspirational faith leaders on the sub Saharan continent and dedicated opponent of the illegal state of Israel and standard bearer of freedom for Palestine.

On December 12th we were shocked to hear of Hamad’s death, murdered by pro Zionist Nigerian government forces:

I just got unconfirmed messages about the martyrdom of Hammad Ibrahim ‪#‎Zakizaki‬son of ‪#‎SheikhIbrahimZakizaki‬ whom I met in ‪#‎Beirut‬ during the coference of‪#‎ReturntoPalestine‬.
May Allah protect him if he is alive and may Allah consider him among the followers of Imam Hussain A.S if he has been martyred by ‪#‎Zionist‬ agents in Nigerian Army.
الله اكبر ولله الحمد ~ Sarbaz Roohulla Rezvi

As the story unfolded, we heard of…

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