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The Wall Will Fall

15th December 2015

Brother Zafar Bangash ~

“Our latest info is that Zeenat and her husband Shaikh Zakzaky have both been injured while their son Hamad has been killed.

Our contacts in Zaria tell us that the death toll may be as high as 1,000. The Nigerian army (it has very close links with the Israeli army) is shooting people on sight in the area where the Shaikh’s compound is located. 

We should raise our voices in condemning this heinous crime and demand that the perpetrators be charged with war crimes. I know nothing will come of it but we should at least raise our voices against this horrific crime against humanity.

I believe letters of condemnation should also be sent to Nigerian embassies in our cities/countries expressing our abhorrence at what their military has done.

Many of our contacts in Zaria have had to go underground because they are…

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