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Norm’s note: what follows is an excerpt from today’s Daily Pickings newsletter issued by the  Critical Thinking website:

The symbiotic relationship between banking and intelligence services has a long history. Nathan Rothschild’s information network was essential to his audacious acquisition of wealth and power in the immediate aftermath of the Battle of Waterloo. GHW Bush and his father (Prescott Bush at Brown Brothers Harriman) cultivated the CIA/banking nexus.


Vladimir Putin’s “crime” was to weaken the hold of the banking families (primarily Rothschilds) over the Russian economy, expelling or jailing some of the criminal oligarchs who achieved prominence under the compliant Boris Yeltsin. The Structural Elite strategy, ever since, has been to alienate Putin and return Russia to the hegemonic global banking fold. Thus the inexorable push of NATO eastwards, the US backed coup in Ukraine, the downing of MH17and the Alexandr Litvinenko affair.


It is feasible that Putin ordered the killing of Litvinenko but he had much less to gain from Litvinenko’s death than those seeking to alienate Russia. There is certainly no evidence made public that implicates Russia: the inquiry was conducted in secret, Litvinenko was a double agent and the presiding pet judge used the word “probably”  in respect of Putin’s culpability – which carries no legal weight whatsoever (coincidentally, Yassar Arafat was also a victim of polonium poisoning which would “probably” suggest Mossad involvement in Litvinenko’s death).


By the same token, Jill Dando, Diana Spencer, David Kelly and Robin Cook were all, more than “probably”, killed by UK intelligence services under the authority of the UK government. So those policeman guarding Tony Blair in Connaught Square, London ought to be marching him off to prison. Official inquiries rarely reveal the truth but are specifically set up to bury the truth – everyone knows the “dodgy dossier” was “sexed up” by Blair and his cronies.


The game is war on Russia for control of oil and world domination. Litvinenko was more useful to the UK (and the Structural Elite) dead than alive.


Litvinenko – Worth More Dead Than Alive by Finian Cunningham

So now Russian President is a cold-blooded assassin, as well as Europe’s “new Hitler”, the saboteur of civilian airliners, sponsor of drug abuse in sports and the friend of Middle East butcher-dictators.

Can the list of demonic epithets for the Russian leader get any longer? Just when you think it couldn’t, the good old British master of dirty tricks pulls out the “evil assassin” card.


In the game of spying, death is an occupational hazard. Litvinenko would have been well aware of the risks of turning double agent but Dando, Spencer, Kelly and Cook certainly didn’t sign up for their premature demise. The hypocrisy of the likes of David Cameron and Teresa May is staggering; they sanctioned the killing of thousands of civilians in Libya, Iraq, Syria, Yemen and beyond and yet feign outrage at the death of Litvinenko.

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