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forgotten war

The Wall Will Fall

4th February 2016

This page will be added to, as I create new videos leading up to the UN Human Rights Summit in Geneva 1st March 2016, which I will be attending with delegates from Yemen and Lebanon to present the case for

  1.  The illegal use of Cluster Bombs in Civilian areas
  2.  The horrifying Humanitarian situation in Yemen thanks to the Saudi-led coalition’s blockade and bombardment.

Upcoming UN Human Rights Summit in Geneva. The attending Yemen team will be presenting: Yemen: The Forgotten War.

Yemen is the forgotten war, the forgotten siege, the forgotten genocide. With the full complicity of the US and NATO, the Saudi led coalition has been bombarding the blockaded nation for 10 months with no respite for Yemen’s civilians. Targets have been predominantly densely populated civilian areas, essential infrastructure, hospitals, schools, wedding venues, mosques and homes across Yemen. Over 7,500 have been massacred since March…

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