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(Hat tip to Vanessa Beeley for this.)

Norm’s note: Some elements of Max Igan’s lecture I like, others I don’t.  Pretty much everything that I concur with is covered in the first hour or so of his talk.

In that segment, he aptly and ably describes the manner in which our modern banking system both prints and issues money in return for debt payments, that is, all without any initial collateral (or ‘consideration‘) as the basis for the debt. Unlike what most believe, modern banks do not loan money on deposit, nor do they engage in fractional reserve issuance; rather, what they do is effectively print money out of thin air and charge you for the privilege of borrowing and spending it.

I also like Igan’s detailed and precise exposé of the brutal living conditions imposed by Israel on the Palestinian population it keeps imprisoned in the Gaza Strip.

As Igan reminds us, approximately 40% of the population of Gaza is comprised of children.  When Israel engages in acts of reprisal against the so called terrorists of Gaza, it is no exaggeration to say that it is actually waging indiscriminate war against children.

Igan also spends some time explaining and itemizing some of the types of munitions that have been used against the residents of Gaza, and their horrific consequences.

The disproportion between the modern weaponry used by Israel and the ineffective artisanal rockets of Hamas makes obvious that the Israeli military, not Hamas, is the real terrorist organization in this conflict.

Igan is then careful to draw a distinction between the State of Israel, Gaza’s true oppressor and jailer, and the citizens of Israel, the majority of who are of Jewish persuasion.  I agree with him that although the citizens of Israel appear to be complicit in the crimes of their state, given the intensity and effectiveness of the propaganda operations directed against them by their state, they cannot really be held accountable.  To paraphrase Igan, the Israeli establishment’s “programming” of Israelis is simply breathtakingly impregnable.

I become uncomfortable with Igan’s discourse at the point where it takes what in my view is a sudden and mystical turn, at about the beginning of the second hour.

I cannot explain why it is, but I cannot credit the notion that human ‘desire’ can actuate outcomes in its favor by virtue only of being ‘desirous,’ that humanity’s salvation in this world can be won by enough people synchronizing their ‘desire’ for collective change in just the right way with just the right emotional intensity and resonance.   I just can’t.  For me, that way madness lies.

So color me lacking in imagination or as being unobservant, but to my mind reality does not revolve around my desires or wishes, nor am I the divine essence of a cosmic consciousness, although I might be willing to go as far as to concede the qualitative similarity of certain aspects of my experience with those of any other man, woman or child, and possibly even in some respects with those of any other sentient and conscious beings on this planet.  But beyond being burdened with shared elements of a cultural indoctrination, there is to my mind zero intersection between the private and inner workings of my awareness and that of anyone or anything else in this world or universe.

Life may be a mysterious and amazing trip, but I don’t consider myself in any way the center of anything beyond my own subjective and personal drama.  If you are having out of body experiences similar to what Igan claims to have had, do try to consider that maybe you are experiencing hallucinations, however compelling the hallucinations may be.  Such experiences are also real human occurrences, but to mind not to be taken at face value, but rather as interesting psychic phenomena, in the manner of private and inconsequential dreams.

But perhaps another person will have a different attitude toward these things than I do, and will find the second hour of Max Igan’s speech very much worth his or her while.


Published on Oct 3, 2014

Max Igan speaking at the Open Mind Conference Copenhagen, Denmark, Sept 21st 2014