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unnecessary news from earth


by Mehmet Somel, May 23, 2016

A young scientist supports scientists of the poorest countries with Sci-Hub database and challenges the monopolies.

Alexandra Elbakyan was born in Kazakhstan in 1988, while USSR was on the edge of falling apart. She was interested in science since childhood because of Soviet science books which she described with her own words “expository the miraculous events as scientific way with breaking down the superstitions”. She studied computer science and neuroscience, at this time she developed a interest in to be hacker.

Elbakyan knew the difficulties of doing scientific research in Kazakhstan, that is not in a Western country. So, she knew the answer that is given to a gradute student in Kazakhstan, Turkey, or in Kenya, Mexico, when this student achieves to the article which looks forward to read: “You have to pay $ 30 to read this article.”

Whereas, it is possible to…

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