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Norm’s note: this is for Americans who “Feel The Bern.”  Unfortunately, the sound quality isn’t the best, but if you can get past that, the speakers — “Linda Thompson, Chair, Left Elect Coalition, Dr. Jill Stein, Green Party USA, Glen Ford, Black Agenda Report, [and] Chris Hedges, Truthdig” — have something important to say on the question of whether “Sanders” is the answer to building both a “socialist” movement in the U.S. and finding a way of putting an end to the marginalization of Afro-Americans.

By the way, there is another issue that must be addressed among so-called “American Socialists” and on which I would like to write a piece and that is palpably manifest in the video above.  The gist of this piece that I would like to write and may, would echo the following few brief (slightly edited) comments that I left in an email to a friend:

“The whole climate issue is of the same order, as a lever to divide and tar those among the left and the right who see through the bullshit as being ‘deniers’ and closet reactionaries.  On the one hand, most people who are into the hard sciences, so to speak, tend to be right wing in their thinking simply because, like most everyone else, they don’t have time to really dig into political and economic and social issues, and so they get their opinions second hand from the mainstream sources of information.  So whether a climatologist believes (i.e., is bought off) or not in AGW, he is most likely a good little bourgeois in his mind set.  And so it is with most who follow the issue from this perspective.

“On the other hand, the ‘fake (or perhaps “confused”) left,’ really in the service of the establishment, tirelessly pushes the “catastrophic global warming” line among the left wing intelligentsia, who, although being politically and economically reasonably astute, are scientifically illiterate for the same kinds of reasons that the scientific community tends to be socio-economically obtuse.

“The consequence is that the AGW issue becomes the banner of the left wing , and in the eyes of the right wing middle-class technocrats of Empire, who tend to be highly scientifically literate (and for this reason would need to be won over by the left), thus makes the left wing appear irrational and not to be trusted.  Likewise, ‘denying AGW’ becomes the banner of the right wing, and in the eyes of the left wingers, who tend to be more socio-economically astute, thus makes the right wing appear irrational.  The more the right wing exerts itself to deny AGW, the more the left wing becomes convinced of the correctness of the hypothesis; and the more the left wing pushes the AGW theme, the more convinced the right wing become of the truth of their political and economic biases.

“The two groups, especially among the educated and potentially most effective to lead if you could bring them together, entangled as they are in this acrimony over the issue of AGW and for the time that they are, are certain never to form anything like a common political alliance that they could then direct toward the ruling establishment. After all, each group sees the other as a bit crazy and therefore a completely untrustworthy ally.

“Divide and conquer.  It is the ruling establishment’s stock-in-trade.

“What is surprising is that so many otherwise intelligent people fall for this shit time and again.”


Published on May 24, 2016

Left Forum 2016, Is Sanders the Answer to Building Left and Black Power? Linda Thompson, Chair, Left Elect Coalition, Dr.Jill Stein, Green Party USA, Glen Ford, Black Agenda Report, Chris Hedges, Truthdig,