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The Wall Will Fall

6th June 2016

Vanessa Beeley
21st Century Wire

This morning as the US, NATO & Gulf backed terrorists continue to rain missiles down upon the Syrian people besieged [by the terrorists] in the western sectors of Aleppo that are refuge to the majority of Aleppo’s population, a further 8 Syrian Arab Army soldiers have been taken prisoner and paraded on camera, blindfolded and shackled.  Their fate is in the hands of drug fuelled terrorists supported, armed and defended by the US who has just requested that Russia desists from targeting Al Qaeda in Syria, Al Nusra.

We have taken a decision not to show the disturbing video of these prisoners out of sensitivity for the suffering of their families who know how badly they will be treated after a previous video [also not shown] was released showing the public torture, humiliation and final execution of two other SAA prisoners at…

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