So the bike’s front suspension is back together, and I put several hours of riding on it already to see if the new bushings and seals were satisfactory.  Guess what?  No leaks.  Everything is as it should be.  And that is a good thing because Chantal and I will be hitting the road in mid-August, or thereabouts, for a tour that will take us at least into the beginning of October.

At the moment the itinerary looks like, first, riding across the Canadian prairies to Jasper, Alberta. From there we will turn south and head down to as far as Colorado.  The ride will then turn Eastward to intersect the southernmost terminus of the Blue Ridge Parkway, not far from Cheroke, North Carolina, which we will then ride north onto Skyline Drive, onward and upward back home to Ottawa.

The trip should tally roughly to 12,000 Kms and likely more, as there will be many side trips along the route.  We chose mid-August for our departure to try and avoid the usual blisteringly hot days of summer as one travels the midwest and prairies.  Besides, the ride up the Blue Ridge and Skyline will be more spectacular toward the end of September. We plan to camp the entire trip unless the day has us and our gear sopping wet.

Anyway, a few more pics from the blooming happening in Chantal’s flowerbeds (not everything in this world is God-awful), and proof that the bike is once again on the road, and two other things:




See, it’s on.  Do you see any oil on the driveway?  No, I didn’t think so.



Just a reminder that  . . . well, you know . . . speed and all that.  But damn, it’s hard to resist breaking the limits sometimes, especially if you are on a piece of deserted highway in the middle of nowhere, and the bike hauls ass . . .



Yup, I have to get to this over the next few days . . .


And this, too, needs looking at . . .



And this is ‘Monsieur Milou,’ as in ‘Monsieur Half-Pint,’ with a battery around his neck because, well, he has a propensity to bark a bit much.  He’s been in training for that particular issue for 4 years, now.  Unfortunately, clever little doggy that he is, he’s learned the difference between when the collar is on and when it’s not, and that’s why we always leave it on.  And you can see that’s he’s been in the dirt this morning . . .


And this is our ultra-alpha, Mister Capris.  He, too, has barking issues.  But he’s figured out that he can get away with barking at a certain pitch even with the collar on.  And when the battery pack warns with a beep that a shock may be on its way, he licks it to tell it that he’s done with the barking and that he’ll be nice if it will be nice to him.  They really get along just fine . . .