Things will be quiet around here for the next month-and-a-half or so. Chantal and I are on a road trip and access to the internet is infrequent and spotty at best. Also, I’m working with a mini-laptop that struggles and sputters along and that has the keyboard crammed into a space about the size of one of my palms. So my apologies. Nevertheless, the archives, for those who might want to dig, may have pieces of interest. Hope that keeps you busy.

Regards to all and yours,


Just a few brief pictures to mark the as yet unremarkable early days of our departure:


Chantal belatedly trying to save what is left of her nose from the sun with a ‘Post-It.’


Our accommodations and transportation for the next several months or so.


Lake Superior from the road and at 70 miles per hour.


Yup, the big sky of the prairies, soon to be behind us (in about two days), to yield to the glorious sights of the Rockies . . .