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. What is your evidence that really rescue ppl – can’t trust their claims. 95+% of pics/vids seem likely staged

Moon of Alabama has some interesting things to add, and Vanessa Beeley really takes him down on her Facebook page. Max talks about the numbers of people the White Helmets have saved and seems to accept it is many thousands, but in truth it could be next to none. I’m not sure what Max is up to, but I don’t trust him. – Doug Colwell

Petri Krohn’s research:

Vanessa Beeley’s article:

Lisa Goldman called the article “morally reprehensible” for opposite reasons to Moon & Vanessa:

See Murtaza Hussain’s pro-White Helmets article of Oct 1:

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BREAKING: Pentagon Caught Paying PR Firm $540 Million to Make Fake Terrorist Videos

Update 01 May 2017:

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