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Jack Rasmus

The following is a forthcoming article expanding at length on how US elites are maneuvering with the Trump administration and transition team, compromising in the short run but preparing in the longer to ‘tame Trump’ by various means should he depart too radically from mainstream elite policies. The piece is offered here to readers, despite its length more appropriate for a magazine than a blog.

Taming Trump, by Jack Rasmus, copyright 2016

“In the weeks since the November 8 US presidential election, the dim outlines of what a Trump presidency might look like are beginning to appear. Trump continues to retreat on several fronts from his campaign ‘right populist’ positions, while doubling-down on other radical positions he previously proposed during the campaign. How to make sense of his apparent evolving policy divergence?

One the one hand, Trump appears to moving closer to traditional Republican party elite positions on big reductions…

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