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The Rancid Honeytrap

With apologies for applying a half-assed title, some additional formatting, and without having secured his permission, I am reproducing this incisive tweet storm by the excellent circadianwolf.  CW, if you want me to make any modifications, or delete this altogether, let me know in comments.


Been said many times but nationalism is a project of convincing the working class to compete against each other.  Nations are myths constructed by the global ruling class to distract workers from the structural operation of exploitation. They function very similarly to narratives of individual heroic and villainous actors (with which they are often conflated). Putin/Russia as some unified super being, quite literally occupying the same functional space as the devil, the power lurking in the shadows.

The enemy of workers everywhere is the ruling class and their enforcers, today centered absolutely in the US government and military. The fantasies are sufficient so long as they distract from working…

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