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For an extensive list of reviews of this latest work of fiction, of life imagined under a dictatorial regime in which arbitrary day-time and night-time arrests of “innocents” end as a matter of course in torture and mass graves, and to whet your desire for a big read, do visit:

AMNESTY INTERNATIONAL: Humanitarian Spin Merchants and Propaganda Peddlers – UPDATED

— your definitive guide to all things most recently lyrically concocted and fabricated about Syria.

You can download your copy of this fascinating bedtime horror here: Syria: Human Slaughterhouse: Mass Hangings and Extermination at Sadnaya Prison

But before you do that, might I recommend my personal favorite of the brief video commentaries, that among other indispensable interpretations of Waldman’s novella, you will find if you follow up the first link of this post, a piece performed by a man (Kevork Almassian) who not only sounds like he knows what he is talking about, but actually does, even if he is bearded and therefore quite in spite of it:

(Disclaimer: Norm does not in any way endorse works of fiction or otherwise whose underlying purpose is the justification of war on behalf of any State Department anywhere on the pretext of humanitarian intervention.  I do, however, endorse the exposure of that motive embedded in such works if it isn’t immediately obvious or explicitly stated.  For otherwise, it’s just subliminal propaganda, or as they say up North, where I used to be from, “bullshit,” that is to say, an attempt to manipulate you into supporting something you otherwise wouldn’t if you truly understood the implications of that for which you are being deceived into cheering. Incidentally, the excellent work that has been done over at 21st Century Wire on this needs to be commended: great work, guys & gals!)

And while I am at it, shamelessly pilfering all of the good work over at 21st Century Wire, just one more theft:

Infograph by Prof Tim Anderson, author of The Dirty War on Syria.