Some of you may have already followed up on a link I posted earlier, titled:  “Nuclear War Crimes: “Syria is plagued with radioactive contamination: U.S. used, and provided to armed gangs, depleted uranium weaponry”, [Dr. Leuren Moret, Report/Interview].

I’ve decided to take the post down until I can find independent corroboration of Dr. Leuren Moret’s claims as well as establish to my satisfaction her reliability as both a researcher and witness.

After viewing the first 17 minutes of a presentation by Leuren Moret with Darrell Hamamoto, and skimming through a .pdf document presumably written by her and titled, “uncovering-the-truth-about-depleted-uranium,” I feel that I cannot take her testimony at face value.

It may very well be that she can be trusted for her scientific grounded reportage despite what appear to me to be obvious, albeit perhaps excusable, flights of fancy in other directions and on what for her are related issues.  I’ve yet to make up my mind.  Regrettably, until I satisfy myself that Moret is trustworthy as a source of information, then, I’ll not be linking to any more of her content.