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Related (.pdf document): Murder In The SunMorgue: A Pharmacological/Cyber Investigation of the Ghouta Massacre, Damascus, Aug21.2013, by Denis R. O’Brien, PhD

Source: Denis O’Brien, PhD/Esq

The Apr04|17 incident at
Khan Sheikhoun, Syria.
A series of inquiries. 

KS Post #1: 

Analysis of the Shajul Islam video

Post #2
Post #3

Shajul Islam’s rolling 10 minute selfie

One of the first videos to hit the internet on Apr04 claiming horrors of a sarin attack by Assad on Khan Sheikhoun (KS) is a 10.5 minute YourTube that I have designated as Vid-002 in my playlist of KS vids.  It is basically 10 minutes of full-face selfie of a guy named Shajul Islam wandering around in what appears to be a clinic, purportedly in KS.   I will have a full analysis of this head-chopper himself in the coming day or two. Suffice it for the moment to note that I don’t refer to this terrorist as “Dr. Shajul Islam” as the MSM does, and the reason I don’t is that his British medical license has been revoked and I have no information of him being licensed to practice medicine anywhere, not even the Islamic Caliphate.    

Vid-002 has been featured by enough MSM writers shouting “Sarin!!” that it requires a really close look.  The version of this vid I found was uploaded to YT at 1339:21 on Apr04|17 UST by “Erik fansclub.” That would have been about 5.5 hrs after the alleged attack. The vid had only 1,336 hits as of 1048 on Apr05 PT, so I suspect there is another version of the vid running under a different URL.  

In this analysis my focus is evidence that inculpates or exculpates Shajul Islam’s claim that this was a sarin attack. When I note that evidence is inculpatory of sarin, I mean that the evidence supports the accusation that sarin was used.  Evidence that is exculpatory of sarin leads a fair-minded person to conclude sarin was not responsible.

  • Description of V-002. (Times are running vid times.)

1.      00:02 — the vid starts off in what we will call “Room ‘A'”. There is a bright red needle disposal box on the wall next to a bright blue spray bottle that will help identify this as room.  

The camera is in Islam’s face, where it remains for much of the next 10 minutes. Islam is dressed in a dark jacket. His English is good, British, Cockney. In the background is a portly dude with a Daesh beard, glasses, wearing a black leather jacket. As the camera approaches the portly dude, we can see he is forcing air down a victim’s mouth through a ventilation bag — called “bagging.”  He ignores the victim and the bag and watches the camera the entire time.

2.    00:21 — close up of  the “victim’s” eye shows how well oxygenated the victim’s blood is, which is strong exculpatory of sarin. It’s hard to make out the victim’s pupils clearly but they may be contracted in moderate light, which would be weakinculpatory evidence. Given how easily it is to produce miosis (pinpoint pupils) and how many drugs are miotic, the presence of miosis is not even close to being sufficient evidence to establish that there was a sarin attack. And yet this idgit Islam keeps coming back to this again and again. It’s all he has.

3.     00:31 — suddenly the portly dude in the background is in a white smock and has a face mask hanging down below his nose, which means 1) it is useless and 2) he probably doesn’t have a clue how to use it.

4.     00:49 — first exterior shot.  Sudden snip to exterior view of ambulance entry; light blue, clear sky; grey/red van w/ “Ambulance” in English; ambulance workers all w/ face masks; patients and people walking around have none, suggesting the face masks are to hide identities. There is moderate traffic in street; shops open; long, strong shadows — the sun is to the R of the camera.

NB:  Although the video is 10.5 mins long, the exterior shots tell us that it covers the span of many hours.  The shadows lengthen and move.  People in some shots wear sweat-shirts with hoods pulled up, long-sleeve shirts, jackets, and shoes or socks with their sandals.  In other exterior shots people are in short sleeves.

5.     01:15 — a male “victim,” whom I designate “M001,” exits an ambulance and enters the building — walking while holding his head. He looks a little unstable but walks on his own. He has no beard.

NB: Absolutely no signs of sarin w/ respect to M001. The workers are all dressed in new, white hazmat suits. Some have masks, which are no defense against sarin gas. Some have hazmat booties. Most are not wearing gloves.

6.      01:27 — gurney enters clinic behind M001.  It appears to carry a woman w/ black hijab.  Patient count so far: 2 males, 1 female. 

NB: In the background of this street-scene, there is what appears to be a shop across the street. It has a blue tarp for shade and garments or other merchandise hanging along the sidewalk as if business as usual.

7.    01:54 — jump back to Room ‘A’ where about 6 men are donning new white hazmat suits; portly dude (see point 3) is still bagging the kid on the stretcher and we can see his hazmat suit includes booties. 

8.     01:56 — view into a room where a male “victim” lying on table, his hands folded on his stomach, no distress evident; 2 male workers appear to be intubating him.  Patient count: 3 males, 1 female. 

9.     02:12 — M001 is stripped down and sitting in kitchen area, may be vomiting. This could be inculpatory of sarin.  M001’s color is good, which would be exculpatory of sarin. He is sitting upright w/out help, also exculpatory.

10.     02:15 — close-up of patient who appears to be the woman seen at bullet 6, above. She is being bagged but she does not appear to be responsive.  Someone reaches in and pulls back her eye-lid for the camera, but you can’t see her pupil. A woman’s voice can be heard behind the camera. 

11.     02:30 et seq — watching closely you can tell the camera leaves the room with the woman, enters a large hallway with black & white tiles, and then turns back toward the doorway of the same room as two women in black hijabs leave. These are the only two female workers I see — among at least a couple dozen males.

12.     02:46 — intubated male pt. on gurney being brought into Room ‘A’ through hallway. No beard, just stubble. Patient count: 4 males, 1 female.

13.     02:54 — again, Islam reaches in and pulls back the patient’s eyelid, but you can’t see his pupil.  Islam now has white lab coat on over his dark jacket.

14.     03:34 — the male pt. on gurney appears unresponsive; he has what could be blistering or burns on R arm; facial color excellent. Exculpatory of sarin.

15.     03:52 — out in the hallway someone is passing out plastic bags from a roll, the bags are marked in English “POLICE EVIDENCE BAG” — Islam is explaining the clothes will be collected as evidence. “This is, no doubt, organo phosphate.” 

NB I’m like, WTF?? If the clothes were contaminated w/ sarin, all of these guys handling the “evidence” would be in convulsions by now and the floor would be covered with feces and puke.

16.     04:20 — second exterior shot.  Yellow ambulance; street looks very busy with lots of traffic – no indication of attack. 

NB: Islam is complaining that they have to turn away the patients in the ambulance, and yet he has time to be making a video and yabbering his BS about pinpoint pupils.

17.     04:50 — third exterior shot. Grey van. There is a 44 L. gas bottle on the ramp during this shot only.

18.     05:15 — after Islam’s dramatic statement that the clinic cannot take more patients, a male on a gurney is rolled into the clinic and into Room ‘A,’ which appears empty of patients. It is noteworthy that the camera shows mostly people just standing around in small groups grab-assing.  

19.     05:31 — the male has miosis, which is mildly inculpatory of sarin; his facial color is excellent and his eyes are bloodshot, which are strongly exculpatory. No beard.

20.     05:37 — something odd appears on this male’s nose — a circle of white spots; looks like camera artifact; he has a non-bleeding gash or scar under his R eye. Patient count: 5 males, 1 female.

21.     05:50 — a counter upon which about 20 amber vials are being set up; the vials are full and have their tops snapped off; a person behind the counter seems to be snapping the vials; no labels are visible on any of the vials 

22.     05:55 — camera scans past the vials to a clear plastic box that appears to contain similar amber vials and a hand-written card “Atropin” — that’s right, English for the viewing audience, although there is also some Arabic writing. 

23.     06:13 — the counter with the vials is shown in background, including the face of the worker behind the counter

24.     06:23 — another look at the counter from the same angle — all of the open vials are gone as is the plastic box with the “Atropin” label.

25.     06:47 — boy (“B005”) on orange gurney is rolled into the clinic and Room ‘A’ while being bagged; he has excellent color; tape w/ markings on chest, reminiscent of the “Caesar photos;” no indication of blood; no indication of sarin. Patient count: 6 males, 1 female.

NB:  B005 is seen in another video in what appears to be a different clinic.  See here.

26.     08:08 — male on gurney in a room; good view of miosis unreactive to light,  mildly inculpatory of sarin; man is intubated and responsive. No beard. Patient count: 7 males, 1 female.

27.     09:00 — Islam moves from patient to patient rudely demonstrating miosis — it’s the only sarin-like symptom they have. Two more males, both with just stubble, no beard.  Patient count: 9 males, 1 female.

28.     09:53 — infant; good color; kicking and crying; no women around; Islam reaches in for the kid’s eyelids, but it looks like the pupils are dilated so Islam let’s it go without his constant droning about “pinpoint pupils.”

29.     10:16 — fourth exterior shot.  Same grey/red van as point #4.  Shadows much shorter than previous views and the sun is now behind the camera; beautiful blue sky. No gas tank on the ramp. At this point in the day they are still bringing patients in.

30.     10:27 — male patient on gurney; very good face color; no beard; face flushed red. Patient count: 10 males, 1 female, 1 infant . Dozens of male workers, 2 female workers.

  • Observations, particularly comparing this incident with the Ghouta Massacre

31.     This vid was uploaded about 10 hours or so after the attack was alleged to have occurred.  From the way the shadows shift during the external shots, it is clear that many hours passed while the video was in the making.  And then, of course, there is editing, which must have taken hours given all of the snips that are evident. Consequently, the video itself raises serious questions that it may have been pre-produced days prior to the alleged attack. For all we know everyone in this vid is an actor, or a drugged captive/prisoner, a suggestion that may give context to the observation that all of the victims shown are men except for two.

32.     The vid shows 12 “victims” out of what has been advertised by the MSM as 100 to 300 victims total, including fatal and non-fatal injuries. 

33.     The gender bias of 10:1 for males is both huge and suspicious. While there appeared to be more male victims than females in the Ghouta Massacre videos, it was nowhere near 10:1.  

34.     The most prevalent action of the workers in the Ghouta videos was them incessantly throwing and rubbing water into the faces of victims. That weird, inexplicable behavior is not seen in this video.

35.     I give no evidentiary weight one way or the other to the vials stacked on the corner. They are obviously supposed to be atropine and therefore suggestive of a sarin event, but one would have to be a sucker to buy that. First, the vials are not labeled; they could be anything, including water. Second, a hand written card in English saying “Atropin” would hardly be proper pharmacy practice, least of all in Syria.  Third, the sequence smells like a spoof staged as an embellishment for a false-flag video — as noted above, in the blink of an eye all of the vials disappear.

36.     Virtually no blood is seen on the patients, the floor, the gurneys, etc.  There is no evidence of high explosives, such as cement dust in the victims’ hair or on their bodies.

37.     None of the adult male “victims” have beards, another statistical anomaly.  It is hard to make a comparison between victims and the dozens of workers because many of the worker are wearing masks, but just on the basis of the workers whose faces are not covered, only a very small number of them are beardless.

38.     Contrary to news reports that 30% of the victims are children, in this sample of 12 “victims” there were only two children (17%), and one of those was a young man in his late teens.   

  • Conclusions

39.     There is next to no evidence in this video to support the allegation that sarin had anything to do with this incident in Khan Sheikhoun.

40.     More specifically, the lack of the 5 primary clinical signs of organophosphate poisoning — hyper-salivation, hyper-lacrimation, uncontrolled micturation, uncontrolled defecation, violent vomiting — presents more than a reasonable doubt that sarin was in anyway responsible for these patients’ problems. 

41     Moreover, the positive clinical features of these people, particularly their bright red skin color, virtually guarantees this was not sarin.

42.     Given that the time to produce the video was only 10 hrs. while the video itself spans many hours judging by the changing shadows in the exterior shots, and given the warped demographics of the “victims,” the shaved beards, the symptoms consistent with cyanide poisoning — well, all of this suggests to me a much more sinister explanation than the quotidian “Assad gassed his own people.”

43.     Based on just this one video and 12 subjects, the clinical picture appears to me to be more consistent with intoxication by cyanide, which is consistent with my conclusions of what caused the fatalities in the Ghouta Massacre. I would venture to guess, given the similarities in these two events, that a careful analysis of videos from both incidents will reveal “workers” and “medics” who appear in both performances.

44.     The twisted demographics we see in Islam’s video could very well mean that the whole thing was orchestrated by someone too stupid to pay attention to details. You know, like someone who thinks all he has to do is show the world a bunch of people with pinpoint pupils and the world will buy his bullspit about sarin.

45.     A stronger hypothesis than the sarin hypothesis is the hypothesis that after failing to draw the US into the Syrian civil war by staging the Ghouta Massacre, these Wahhabi terrorists waited until the American voters put someone in the White House who would likely be a lot more easily manipulated by false-flag adventures and shocking allegations of Assad gassing his own people than Obama was. So last Tuesday they figured it was time to run the old sarin false-flag up the pole once more to see if they could sucker the US into attacking Assad. And judging by Trump’s bluster today, the Wahhabis are getting the effect they wanted. Of course with Russia’s Su’s and SAMs protecting Syria, Trump’s bluster could well end up being blow-back that the entire world comes to regret.

Someone — Russia, the CIA, Jordan . . . who knows? — was able to get to Obama and Kerry during the 2013 crisis over the Ghouta Massacre and explain to them what really happened in Ghouta. And the reason we know that is that suddenly, about spring of 2014, both Obama and Kerry quit accusing Assad of gassing his own people, and we never heard that accusation from them again.  Let’s hope someone gets the right information to Trump, and let’s hope Trump takes the time to collect all the facts and all the opinions before pulling the trigger on Assad.  And Putin.

Thanks for reading and for giving this important issue some serious thought.  

— Denis O’Brien, PhD/Esq


For prior articles on sarin and its effects, both pharmacological and political, see my Ghouta Massacre home page.

Additional information on the Khan Sheikhoun Incident here

Related (.pdf document): Murder In The SunMorgue: A Pharmacological/Cyber Investigation of the Ghouta Massacre, Damascus, Aug21.2013, by Denis R. O’Brien, PhD

Or download “Murder in The SunMorgue” from here:



The Apr04|17 incident at
Khan Sheikhoun, Syria.
A series of inquiries. 

KS Post #2:
Tax Day is almost here.
How Much Did Trump’s Grenada Gambit just cost you? 

Post #1
Post #3

Tomahawk Land Attack Missile (TLAM)

American presidents are like rodents in a lot of ways, the most obvious of which is that they are dangerous when trapped or wounded, and Donald the Dildo is both trapped and wounded. What makes them dangerous is that most presidents know that Americans are at heart (and in the heartland) a blood-thirsty bunch; they love it when their presidents bitch-slap other countries, so long as the target is powerless to respond in kind. And so when presidents like DTD are up against piss-poor approval ratings, some small country somewhere in the world is sure to get messed with militarily.

DTD’s Grenada gambit

It would be an understatement to say that so far things have not gone well for DTD, except, perhaps, his never-ending golf game, which is costing Americans millions of dollars every weekend in AirForceOne operating costs. But part of DTD’s misfortune so far (which may change if he doesn’t start staying home on weekends) is that he has not had the good fortune of someone putting a bullet in him the way John Hinckley Jr. put one in Ronald Reagan just 61 days into Reagan’s first administration.  Reagan won the 1980 election by an electoral college landslide but with an unimpressive 51% of the popular vote, and when a lot of us got the news that he had been shot we thought, “Good, problem solved.”  But we didn’t count on Hinckley being such a lousy shot that close. By the time Reagan emerged from the hospital beaming and waving, his approval rating was soaring at 73%.    

Of course, he then had to actually began the hard job of governing the country and his approval ratings soon were totally tanked: by 1983 they were about 35%, which is about as low as DTD’s are now and about as low as Richard Nixon’s just before being run out of the White House. Just putting things in historical/numerical perspective here.

In early 1983 Reagan rolled out his “Star Wars” Strategic Defense Initiative, which he falsely hawked as a way to defend the country against all incoming nukes. Although his poll numbers started rising immediately, late in 1983 he was still well below 50% approval, which did not bode well for his reelection. And it didn’t help matters when 241 American servicemen were killed by a suicide bomber in Beirut in October 1983.

And so, in a time of political peril just before an election, Reagan did what a lot of presidents do – he mounted the war-horse, played the Commander in Chief card for all it’s worth, and attacked a small country that could not possibly retaliate: Grenada. And it worked.  William McKinely’s reelection in 1900 was saved by the sinking USS Maine in Havana harbor; Lyndon Johnson’s 1964 reelection was saved by his faked Gulf of Tonkin attack in Vietnamese waters; and Reagan’s 1984 reelection was saved by his bizarre attack of the tiny island country of Grenada for no discernable reason. Suddenly his approval rating was over 50% and he won the White House by taking every state except Minnesota. American voters just love it when their presidents go out and bitch-slap small countries. It’s a troubling observation to have to make, but it’s both true and relevant.


And so the Grenada Gambit is exactly why DTD decided to do a nasty on Syria last Friday when he threw 60 Tomahawk missiles at al-Shayrat air base near Homs. DTD’s approval ratings pre-al-Shayrat were even lower than Reagan’s were pre-Grenada. The headlines since late January have been a constant string of shit-storm after shit-storm for the DTD administration. It has been an absolute disaster – approval ratings bouncing along at 35-40%. No other president since Eisenhower has seen such horrible ratings during what is supposed to be the “honeymoon period,” and even Eisenhower, who came in at 30% approval, immediately shot up to 70% where he stayed for eight years. DTD has had an absolute disaster of an opener. Up until now. He hopes.

Maybe you’ve noticed . . . every since last Friday, the MSM have not said a negative word about DTD and his motley, bizarre administration made up of inexperienced fools and family members. No more flak about Russians working with DTD to bring down Hillary. No more sniffing around the Flynn transgressions. No more reports of Republican goofiness like Nunes bailing out of an Uber car in mid-town and dashing to the White House to see whatever the hell classified documents he says he saw. No more reports about Congressional committees on Russiagate tripping all over each other. This weekend nobody even noticed when K.T. McFarland, the Deputy National Security Advisor and one-time FOX reporter, suddenly left the White House and was rudely deposited in Singapore where she can sit and stew in her own stupidity without bothering anybody. DTD bitch-slaps Syria and suddenly the MSM is all bonkers and hail to the Chief.  

But history tells us that bitch-slap bounces in poll numbers don’t last forever. They have to be timed properly – as pre-election surprises for instance, in the case of the Tonkin Gulf, Grenada, and the Maine. And once DTD’s insanely premature “Assad gassed his own people” allegations are proven to be bullspit in the next few weeks, a 35% approval rating will be looking like the good old days.

The Tomahawks’ .380 batting average – seriously?

One of the first factual disputes to arise regarding DTD’s attack on al-Shayrat is  what the hell actually happened, never mind why or what the consequences will be.

The missile-count, for instance, is all over the map — literally. But before doing an inventory I need to throw out this one piece of datum for any US taxpayers who may be reading this during these last few days before your 1040 is due: Those Tomahawk Land Attack Missiles (TLAMs) DTD just threw at Syria in your behalf cost you . . .

(MSRP, excluding tax and delivery)

As far as how much the total bill is, somehow the MSM’s meme has quickly become gospel: 59 TLAMs were fired from two US Naval vessels. One would hope that when the Navy is throwing taxpayers’ money around like that, the MSM would try to be as accurate as possible in its reporting. According to only one report I’ve seen (h/t CNN), Pentagon spokesman Capt. Jeff Davis has admitted that the number of TLAMs fired was actually an even 5 dozen – not 59, but 60. One of the missiles hit the Mediterranean instead of the target. IOW, this was a $120 million bitch-slap instead of a $118 million bitch-slap, but who’s counting?  Not the MSM, apparently.   

According to the above DoD photo the 59 TLAMs hit targets in only the 5 areas of the air base circled, meaning there were on average roughly one dozen missiles per circle. That long oval near the top measures out at less than 1200 yards along the long axis. The diameter of the circle at the bottom of the image is about 430 yards. And so, by the Pentagon’s accounting, a huge amount of fire power was concentrated into five small areas. And yet, if you compare the DoD photo with your GoogleEarth photo, you’re not going to be able to discern much, if any, damage. Bummer. But then we all know that you don’t get much bang for 120 million bucks these days: maybe a couple of round-trips for DTD to Mar-a-Lago, maybe 50 feet of Mexican wall, maybe a few cracked walls in a couple of Syrian aircraft hangers.

But here’s the deal: according to the Russian Defense Ministry’s Maj. Gen. Konashenkov, on-the-ground assessments of the al-Shayrat attack indicate that only 23 TLAMs actually hit the base, which might explain why there doesn’t seem to be all that much damage. 

Well, OK, so that leaves 36 missiles that must have landed somewhere. The Russians say they don’t know where those 36 wild warheads ended up, which is, itself, a statement I find incredibly difficult to believe. Konashenkov is trying to sell the story that 36 TLAMs went flying into Syria in the dead of night and nobody can find any impact craters the next day? If you check out the terrain around al-Shayrat, you’ll see there’s not so much as 100 feet in elevation change for miles – it is all flat agricultural land. And the Russians with all of their helicopters and eyes in the sky tell us they don’t know where any of 36 TLAMs landed? 

Somebody’s obviously lying. Maybe only 24 missiles were fired and the Americans are lying; maybe 59 really did hit al-Shayrat and the Russians are lying; maybe 36 missiles were shot down by Russia’s S400 SAMs and nobody wants to talk about it.

But never mind the obvious lying going on here by someone, to my mind this TLAM attack is scary most of all for the incompetence it demonstrates. Even if only one missile out of 60 went goofy and landed in the Mediterranean as Jeff Davis admits, we have to realize that a lot of those TLAMs packed in US Navy vessels all around the world are nuclear armed. One nuke out of 60 going rogue could have undesirable consequences of the worst possible kind.  Brings to mind the story from January of this year when a test-missile fired by a British sub HMS Vengeance off the coast of Florida changed directions of its own volition and headed toward Disney World.

And this whole thing is even scarier if the Russians are giving us a straight story and only 1/3 of the TLAMs hit their targets in Syria. I mean, what happens when 2/3 of the missiles in a TLAM nuclear attack go rogue? These things have a range of 1500 miles, which suggests that nothing within a 1500 mile radius of a launch site would be safe.

All of this begs the question: Should Americans be most outraged because: 1) their president has committed an act of war by attacking a sovereign nation that is no possible immediate threat to the US; or 2) because this cluster-fuck cost them $120 million; or 3) because their freaking Navy is so inept that one of their $2 million missiles hit nothing but water and the others didn’t do much more than wake up the neighborhood and kill even more Syrian kids?

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Related (.pdf document): Murder In The SunMorgue: A Pharmacological/Cyber Investigation of the Ghouta Massacre, Damascus, Aug21.2013, by Denis R. O’Brien, PhD

Or download “Murder in The SunMorgue” from here:


The Apr04|17 incident at
Khan Sheikhoun, Syria.
A series of inquiries. 

KS Post #3:
LogoPhere’s Top Ten Ways to Tell When
You’re Being Spoofed by False-Flag Sarin Attacks 

Post #1
Post #2

Now that things have started to calm down a bit after Donald T. Dildo  dropped a load of Tomahawks on Syria last week, a lot of us can resume pushing back against the insufferable idiots and anti-Assad liars in government, MSM, and cyberspace who are trying to pin yet another false-flag “sarin attack” on Bashar al-Assad in order to justify taking him out. Following my insistence that there was no “sarin attack” at Khan Sheikhoun a lot of people are asking: “How can we know it wasn’t sarin?” 

First of all, for the record, let me make it absolutely clear that as one trained in neuropharmacology I know with absolute certainty that the incident at KS, like the one in Ghouta in 2013, was not a sarin attack. I know, I know, I know . . . we’ve got D.T.Dildo and his minions all claiming to have intelligence saying Assad gassed his own people with sarin; we’ve Barbara Starr, CNN’s chief anti-Assad propagandist, claiming the US has damning SIGINT; we’ve got reports out of Turkey (of all places) saying they have determined that samples they received are sarin. I address all of this yada in my closing comments below, but for now I would ask you to recall how the dufus/dishonest Bush crowd also claimed to have intelligence in the run up to the Iraq War. 

But here’s a little secret from 20 years of teaching and doing research in the neurosciences: trust the biology.  It doesn’t matter what the politicians and CIA, and MSM, and OPCW, and WHO say, if the biology does not show a sarin attack, then there wasn’t a sarin attack. And in the case of sarin, the biology — meaning symptoms and  the absence of symptoms — is not debatable, certainly when there are multiple supposed-victims. If the videos did clearly show victims exhibiting the symptoms of sarin intoxication, my position would be somewhat less certain because most of the symptoms of sarin poisoning can be easily faked. But when the videos FAIL TO SHOW the diagnostic symptoms of sarin, then you know two things: 1) it was not sarin, and 2) the terrorists were too stupid to fake the sarin symptoms. 

After the Ghouta Massacre I wrote a book, Murder in the SunMorgue that explains in deep detail how I know that the Ghouta Massacre wasn’t a sarin attack, and why I think the victims there were probably executed with cyanide or carbon monoxide.  Some of the political and situational details are different with respect to the KS incident, but the biology has not changed, and so most of what I concluded about Ghouta is equally relevant now.  The book is a free pdf download and goes into deep detail regarding how organophosphates like sarin kill people. I have put up a shorter version in three posts that begin here

I continue to pound this theme in the present post, which is a shorter version of the short version and uses evidence from KS.  But, again, the biology is the key and that is not going to change from one event to another. This is not speculation about motives, or zionism, or politics, or Sunni v. Shia, or . . .  No, sir/ma’am, this is pure biology and biology could care less about all of that, and that’s why the biology must come first in analyzing what did and didn’t happen in these incidents of alleged sarin use. So bookmark this page and come back to it the next time the MSM lights up with allegations that Assad has gassed his own people with sarin. 

LogoPhere’s Top Ten Ways to Tell When You’re Being
Spoofed by a False-Flag Sarin Attack

#1:   People intoxicated with sarin don’t look well. Ever. None of them. 

It amazes me that I would even have to raise this point. But what also amazes me is how often one see perfectly healthy looking people being passed off as “sarin victims” in these terrorists’ vids. I mean the only thing that would cause any objectively skeptical person to think there is a problem with a lot of these people is context of their surroundings: noisy, bustling clinics with bodies on the floor.  And yet so many suckers see perfectly healthy looking people lying on gurneys and the suckers automatically conclude that the healthy looking person is a sarin victim. Don’t be a sucker.  Please.  

For instance, there is a video out of KS last week that was produced by ex-Dr. Shajul Islam. I have recently analyzed this vid in detail and refer to it in this post as V-002.   Right at the end of V-002 (09:55) a baby with earrings is shown on a clinic table with a blue pad.  The baby is crying and kicking — after all she’s a wee infant, and that’s what they do. A lot. But there is nothing obviously wrong with this child. She is chubby. Her color is perfect, glowing pink. If  this same child had been videoed crying and kicking in the same way in her crib at home, no one would think a thing of it.  

V-002 @ 09:55

And yet because this baby is shown in a video that purports to be about sarin victims, suckers immediately jump to the conclusion that she has been exposed to sarin. I’m talkin’ about serious suckers like Donald T. Dildo. And suckers like Ivanka who got upset and told her daddy he had to kick some Syrian butt because Assad gassed the “beautiful babies” with sarin. They are beautiful, but Assad didn’t gas them. But never mind the clear evidence of that, the next thing you know we’ve got a bunch of Raytheon Tomahawks being fired at Syria. 

Don’t be a bimbo like Invanka.  Don’t fall for it.  If a so-called “sarin video” shows healthy looking people presented as victims, you can pretty well conclude immediately that the video is a fraud regardless of what else it shows. For reasons described in detail below, no sarin victim ever looks healthy.  Mostly they suffer horribly for a few minutes immediately after exposure and then die silently. Anyone who doesn’t die immediately would look like your worse hangover x1000.   

#2:    People intoxicated with sarin don’t gasp, cough, cry, or pant. 

Anoxia is one of those medical conditions that is either corrected immediately or never.  Anoxia is when the amount of oxygen in the blood drops too low to sustain life. Anoxia is what sarin victims succumb to, and the reason is that sarin paralyzes the muscles required to move air in and out of the lungs — the respiratory muscles. Understanding this simple pharmacological fact is key to understanding so much of what is going on in the fake sarin vids.

When a person is poisoned by sarin, by the time the brain realizes it isn’t getting enough oxygen, it is too late to complain. The respiratory muscles are also the muscles used to gasp, cough, pant, cry, and scream. But sarin paralyzes those muscles, which is precisely why the person wants to gasp, cough, pant, cry, scream. It’s a negative feedback loop of the worst kind. 

These terrorists’ videos depend on drama so that suckers like Ivanka will get their panties in a twist, and a lot of that drama comes from close-up views of people coughing and choking. The young fellow below, for instance, is shown in a video of the KS incident I refer to as V-005 (YT log-in required, alternative here.). This video has gone around the earth thousands of times.  The boy in question is seen at 00:53 in that vid panting, coughing, and yet he’s cherry-red. Look at those lips, cheeks, ears! 

V-005 @ 00:53

I cannot tell you what the young man’s problem is, but my best guess would be either he’s play-acting or he has been poisoned with cyanide or carbon monoxide. What I can tell you is that, contrary to what Sean Spicer thinks, this kid has not been poisoned with sarin.  If he had been, he wouldn’t be able vigorously to pant and cough the way he is.  

Yes, a video of a person gasping for breath really brings us to the edge of our collective seat. And we wish such people all the best.  But don’t be a sucker: they are not dying of sarin intoxication. Had they come into such bad fortune as to be poisoned by sarin, they would have died painfully, but quietly, before the photographer could get there. (If the photographer was close enough to the attack get the photos and vids we see on the internet, he would be dead, too. This whole thing is goofy from a biological point of view.)

#3: People intoxicated with sarin don’t often foam at the mouth. 

When I was a kid, it was a pretty easy thing to gross-out a substitute teacher by putting some baking soda in your mouth and then taking a mouthful of Pepsi. If you did it just right you could have foam coming out your nose and the whole class in stitches, except the teacher. Gross. 

And gross is why so many of these terrorists’ videos feature gasping victims with foam coming out of their noses and mouths.  In some cases they show people long dead, but still foaming at the mouth, which could well be Pepsi and baking soda for all we know. And then there are the talking experts being interviewed by the MSM and always using the same, lame, useless phrase: “consistent with.”  They will say just about anything is “consistent with” sarin poisoning, including foaming at the mouth. It’s not.

The physiological issue with the foaming is much the same as with coughing and panting.  Sarin does produce an increase in the production of mucus in the airways — bronchorrhea — but if the respiratory muscles are compromised or totally paralyzed, all of that mucus will not likely be pushed into the mouth and nose, nor will there be enough air-flow to aerate the mucus into a foam.  The more common scenario is that the mucus will plug-up the airways and add to the victim’s respiratory problems.  

I have read of one case where sarin produced massive foaming at the mouth, but in that case the victim, a human guinea pig, received the antidote atropine immediately after exposure to sarin in a military test facility. The atropine obviously prevented the respiratory muscles from completely freezing up in his case, and, in fact, it took many hours for the private to die. And so because of the atropine he could generate enough force with his respiratory muscles to force the mucus into his mouth and nose and force air through the mucus, producing a foam. 

But atropine has to be given immediately to be effective, and so it is highly unlikely that many of the victims seen in circumstances such as those shown in the terrorists’ vids would ever have access to the antidote, hence it is unlikely they would have enough lung function to produce foaming. When you see it, be skeptical.

#4 & #5: People intoxicated with sarin defecate massively and urinate all over themselves. 

Many of the “victims” shown in these dramatic videos from KS are shown in their underwear, which is, in an of itself, a little odd because when I worked in an ER, one of the first things we did with seriously ill patients of all kinds was to cut all of their clothes off so the clothes didn’t get in the way or contaminate anything. But the point I want to make here is that in these terrorists’ videos if the victims had soiled themselves, it would be immediately evident. And not just for the ones shown in their underwear.

And the reason I say it is that sarin squeezes the smooth muscles of the intestines and bladder so hard that everything is going to come out.  I cannot in my worst nightmare image the stench of a clinic in which a dozen sarin patients are being attended to. And yet never — not one time — do you see incontinent patients or medical staff reacting as if there is a stench. And not to put too fine of a point on it, but we are not talking about a bout of diarrhea that we are all familiar with. The feces produced by sarin would be more like a normal bowel movement but immediate, uncontrollable, and voluminous.   

For these reasons, the lack of feces and urine staining a person’s clothes is one of the most  evident clues that the person has not been poisoned by sarin. For example, you can be absolutely certain that the young man shown in the screen grab below from vid V-005 was not intoxicated with sarin, contrary to what the video attempts to portray.

V-005 at 00:37

As a side note, in the same vid, V-005, there are several similar examples of people’s underwear being so immaculate you’d think that when they left home in the morning they knew there were going to be appearing in the movies without their pants on. For instance, in the same vid there is a ghastly scene of a “victim” is being sprayed with water and in the background there is a young man hopping around in his socks and pristine skivvies as if he were getting dressed or undressed. 

V-005 at 01:32, color enhanced

#6:   People intoxicated with sarin will vomit up everything they haven’t defecated.

From both the physiological and evidentiary points of view, this diagnostic point is much the same as the last one.  Sarin causes the smooth muscle that make up the stomach walls to contract so tightly that the person will vomit profusely and the evidence of such emesis will be readily visible.  

If dozens or hundreds of victims can be seen in a collection of videos and many or most of the victims do not have any indication of having vomited, you are not looking at a sarin attack.  I have waded through dozens and dozens of these videos purporting to show Assad’s sarin attacks on his own people, I have seen hundreds of “victims” in those videos, and in all of that supposed sarin-carnage I have only seen two possible examples of vomiting.   

#7 & #8:   People intoxicated with sarin will produce a large volume of tears and a large volume of watery saliva.

One of the fetishes of the people making these anti-Assad sarin-porn movies is pin-point pupils, aka “miosis.”  And this is one of the things that the paid, know-nothing experts on CNN and elsewhere will say: “Yep, those pinpoint pupils are consistent with sarin poisoning.”  

Sure, sarin causes miosis, but then so do a lot of drugs and if you were going to fake a sarin attack, it would be simple to produce miosis in some people and then show close-ups of their eyes to prove to the world — with the help of gullible or complicit “experts” — that Assad dropped sarin on his own people.  But in the absence of the symptoms discussed above, miosis doesn’t mean anything. 

Nevertheless, it’s really the only symptom the terrorists have to convince the world sarin was used.  And so in a lot of these terrorists’ vids —  like V-002  — you will see radical, dangerous anti-Assad Sunnis like Shajul Islam shinning flashlights in “victims'” eyes to demonstrate pin-point pupils.  But what they are actually demonstrating is that the victim was not exposed to sarin.

Vid-002 at 09:14

And the reason I make a point of it is that sarin acts directly on the tear glands to produce a constant, uncontrollable stream of tears. And yet what the terrorists show us when shinning the flashlight in “victims'” eyes is not just pin-point pupils but also absolutely dry eyes, meaning the person could not have possibly been exposed to sarin.  And they do this over and over again, proving every time what liars they are.  You can find dozens of these pin-point pupil episodes, and none showing excessive tears, except for kids who are crying.  

And it is much the same with the salivary glands — sarin directly stimulates them, too. And this would produce a large amount of saliva and copious drooling.  So when the terrorist cameraman zooms in for the iconic shot of some poor distressed child’s face close-up, and the child is not drooling like a bull mastiff at dinner time, then we have more proof that sarin was not involved in whatever the child’s problem is, and most likely, neither was Assad.

#9:   People intoxicated with sarin turn blue. Always. 

Physiologically, dying from sarin is a lot like dying at the hands of a python, metaphorically speaking. They both produce death by preventing the respiratory muscles from working; consequently, spent oxygen in the blood cannot be replaced, and when oxygen levels drop, people turn blue. The medical term is “cyanosis.”

Such cyanosis is most evident in the lips, cheeks, ears, nose where the blood vessels come close to the surface of the skin. Finger tips, toes and nipples are also prone to cyanosis.  If a person is intoxicated by sarin, cyanosis will likely be evident before they are dead.  

The image below is a cyanotic child, but not a child who has been exposed to sarin.  So few people have ever been exposed to sarin that I doubt that any such picture exists anywhere in the world.  But the picture, which is of a child with blue-baby syndrome, illustrates what a person exposed to sarin would look like. 

Cyanosis in blue-baby syndrome 

Don’t get spoofed.  If the “victims” in a sarin attack aren’t as blue as this baby, then they aren’t victims in a sarin attack.

#10:   People intoxicated with sarin never turn pink or red. Never.

From the foregoing description of cyanosis, it should not surprise you to learn that people exposed to sarin — certainly sarin at high enough concentrations to kill — do not  turn red or pink, which is called being rubicund.  Sarin causes anoxia, which causes the blood to turn bluish, which causes people to turn bluish, but blood that has large amounts of oxygen is bright red, which is why anyone who has been intoxicated with sarin cannot, physiologically speaking, be rubicund. 

And yet look at the victims in those sarin-porn flicks that the terrorists put up on YouTube.  Look at their skin color.  Over and over and over the skin color is pink to bright red.  Look at the victims shown in the images under points #1, #2, #3, #4 & #5 above.  All of them are “supposed” to be sarin victims. All of them are healthy pink.  Or look at this youngster, who is shown in strong sunlight during the alleged KS sarin attack.

V-005 @ 01:40

The toddler is being dramatically snatched up off of the bed of a truck by a White Helmets guy who then, with the cameras whirring, runs off with her towards no where in particular and for no discernable reason. The child’s color is amazingly rubicund, which means 100% that she is not a victim of a sarin attack — not a sarin attack by Bashar al-Assad or by anyone else. Ivanka and Donald T. Dildo, for all of their apparent concern for children, need to STFD and STFU until they understand the situation sufficiently to respond appropriately. They have already killed four Syrian children with their Tomahawk attack on al-Shayrat. They are not helping the situation. 


In the introduction I noted that the US government and the MSM claim to have evidence that Assad dropped sarin on Khan Sheikhoun from Su-22 fighter jets.  For instance, on Apr11|17 the White House released a four-page statement, which it calls an “assessment.” Not an “intelligence assessment,” just an “assessment.”  It is not a formal Intelligence Estimate.  It is not even a formal assessment of the intelligence community.  Not a single one of the 17 intelligence agencies has signed the document — nobody has. It is not dated.  It has no letterhead or any other indicia of being an official government document.  It is, basically D.T.Dildo’s bullshit reduced to a few typed pages, probably by his 30-something Israel-first minions: Jared Kushner, Stephen Miller, Ezra Cohen-Watnick.  It starts off this way:  

The United States is confident that the Syrian regime conducted a chemical weapons attack, using the nerve agent sarin, against its own people in the town of Khan Sheikhun in southern Idlib Province on April 4, 2017.

The mad president ends his anti-Assad diatribe by repeating allegations that the Obama administration backed away from in early 2014:

We must remember that the Assad regime failed to adhere to its international obligations after its devastating attacks on Damascus suburbs using the nerve agent sarin in August 2013, which resulted in more than one thousand civilian fatalities, many of whom were children.

But here’s the thing . . . here’s what illuminates the extent of DTD’s stupidity: While he runs the tired old deceptive yada about pin-point pupils and foaming at the mouth being “consistent with” sarin at least three times, not once does he address the absence of the actual diagnostic effects of sarin. Not once does he mention the absence of feces, urine, vomit. Not once does he mention the absence of cyanosis. Nowhere does he explain why the victims shown in the terrorists’ videos are cherry-red. In other words, Donald T. Dildo is doing the same thing the terrorists in Idlib Province are doing with their sarin-porn: he’s trying to spoof you.  He’s a liar — a very dangerous liar.

If you recall, in the aftermath of the Ghouta Massacre in 2013, the New York TimesHuman Rights Watch and a motley of other anti-Assad players such as Dan Kaszeta and Elliot Higgins introduced “evidence” that sarin rockets had been fired into Ghouta by the Syrian Arab Army.  I mean, to read these people you’d have thought the case against Assad could not get any stronger.  But I had ultimate faith in the biology, and the biology then, as now, clearly showed us that there was no sarin attack, much less sarin rockets. All of these self-described experts were wrong.  Eventually an MIT professor named Theodore A. Postol published a study that confirmed what the biology was saying — there were no freaking SAA rockets filled with sarin. Did not happen.  

And now Postol is back with an engineer’s assessment of the White House’s assessment of the KS incident, and it isn’t pretty. Postol is not a biologist and, like his report on the Ghouta incident, he does not attempt to take issue with the assertions that sarin was used. Rather, he restricts his analysis to Dildo’s claims that bombs from Syrian jets delivered the toxin.  Postol concludes that there is no way this was a sarin attack by anybody’s aircraft. Here is his professional opinion,  in his words [my emphasis]:

I have worked with the intelligence community in the past, and I have grave concerns about the politicization of intelligence that seems to be occurring with more frequency in recent times – but I know that the intelligence community has highly capable analysts in it. And if those analysts were properly consulted about the claims in the White House document they would have not approved the document going forward. 


This is a very serious matter. 

President Obama was initially misinformed about supposed intelligence evidence that Syria was the perpetrator of the August 21, 2013 nerve agent attack in Damascus. This is a matter of public record. President Obama stated that his initially false understanding was that the intelligence clearly showed that Syria was the source of the nerve agent attack. This false information was corrected when the then Director of National Intelligence, James Clapper, interrupted the President while he was in an intelligence briefing. According to President Obama, Mr. Clapper told the President that the intelligence that Syria was the perpetrator of the attack was “not a slam dunk.”

We again have a situation where the White House has issued an obviously false, misleading and amateurish intelligence report. 

The Congress and the public have been given reports in the name of the intelligence community about weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, technical evidence supposedly collected by satellite systems that any competent scientists would know is false, and now from photographs of the craterthat any analyst who has any competent at all would not trust as evidence. 


And while we’re making comparisons with the false-flag Ghouta incident, there’s CNN’s Assad-vilification queen, Barbara Starr, whose bizarro fluttering of facts I have complained of previously

In a CNN article dated today, Apr13|17, Starr claims to have information from an anonymous “senior US official” that the US “. . .intercepted communications featuring Syrian military and chemical experts talking about preparations for the sarin attack in Idlib last week.” And I’m like . . . oh, Jesus, here we go again.  

Let’s dissect Starr’s nonsense — and I call it “nonsense” because I am so confident that the biology tells us there was no sarin attack, and no sarin. 

First of all, Starr’s source is not even described as an intelligence official, just a plain old “senior US official,” which probably means Jared Kushner or Sean Spicer. 

Second of all, what the hell does the phrase “. . . communications featuring . . .” mean?  She doesn’t say “. . . intercepted communications of . . .”.  She doesn’t claim the intercepts were actually the Syrian military and chemical guys talking to each other. No, she says the intercepts featured military and chemical experts talking. So what she is probably saying in a deceptive sort of way is that the US “intercepted” a faux-communication between itself and Israel in which there is speculation about Syrian military and chemical experts. That would be a communication featuring Syrian experts talking without being a communication of Syrian experts talking.  

Third, as McCain has famously said, we have seen this movie before.  Back in the run up to the 2013 attack on Ghouta that didn’t happen, part of the “evidence” being used to justify such an attack was a claim that the Israelis intercepted communication between Syrian military people planning a sarin attack. It was just total mendacity, which is what anyone would expect from the Israelis. But it almost got Damascus bombed by a B-52 and very well could have started WW-III.  Sound familiar?  

The media, and particularly CNN, and even more particularly Barbara Starr, spread this bogus “intel” like horse-poop on a rose bed. If it continues, a lot — and I mean hundreds of thousands or millions — of people are going to get hurt.  Then whose babies will first-bimbo Ivanka fret about?

As Postol says, this is a very serious matter. Don’t let the terrorists in Syria, the US government, and the MSM spoof you.  When it comes to alleged sarin attacks, you now have everything you need to confirm or reject the allegations.  Eventually the terrorists will wise up and they will start faking most of the biological symptoms of sarin.  But until then, we can easily reject their sarin false-flags and the White House’s fraudulent claims of chemical causus belli.

It’s been a long-read. Thanks for sticking with it and for giving this scary situation your careful thought.  

— Denis O’Brien


1.  Daniel W. ~ Apr14

In your report you say sarin causes muscles to contract. Might be worth explaining how this happens. My understanding (correct me if I’m wrong) is the following:

Acetylcholine (ACh) is a neurotransmitter which activates moisture glands (like saliva and tears), it also activates muscles (tenses muscle tissue). Acetylcholinsterase (AChEl) is an enzyme which terminates the signal transmission by hydrolysing ACh. Sarin is an AChEl inhibitor. Therefore, in sarin victims, active moisture glands and muscles that are tensed cannot relax or deactivate because there is no AChEl..

This means a sarin victim would not be able to breathe out (can’t relax the diaphragm back down). The heart would stop functioning without oxygen.

My guesses: Vomiting and defecation – the body realises there’s poison in the system and attempts to get rid of the poison (uncontrollable due to lack of AChEl).

Guess: Very low doses of sarin will not inhibit all AChEl and symptoms would be low severity or unnoticeable. Very high doses would cause breathing and heart to stop almost immediately before symptoms had time to develop (based on this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xQKK34vChgQ).

So either all victims were very low/very high dose or it was faked with acting.

Showing pupils in contraction but no other symptoms seems impossible, must be drugged victims.


Denis: Yep, that’s a nice summary of the mechanism of action of sarin and other organophosphates neruotoxins. As for the gastrointestinal effects, as you note there is a system — it’s based on the chemo-triggering zone (CTZ) in the lower brain — that causes vomiting when the brain detects a nasty substance in the blood.

But the effects of sarin are more direct and more powerful than merely stimulating the CTZ.  Sarin stimulates the parasympathetic nerve fibers that control the gut and organs, and, in many cases, it also acts directly on the tissues, most of which have these Ach receptors.

From what I understand — I’ve never actually worked with sarin — its effects on the heart can go either way because the nerves that speed the heart up and slow it down are both driven by Ach. But, yes, when the oxygen runs out, the brain closes down first, then the heart. No more SMS. No more tweets.

I agree: the pinpoint pupils w/out other symptoms sounds like something funny. It would be simple to produce miosis with easily available drugs — physostigmine for instance, which is a reversible acetylcholinesterase inhibitor.

You sound like a neuropharmacologist already. If you’d like more info on these drugs and how they act, in Chapter 7 of my book Murder in the SunMorgue I go into all the molecular details. It’s a free pdf download. A bit long, but it’s the only pharmacological analysis of the Ghouta Massacre I know of.


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