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United States Hypocrisy

This is an interview I did recently with Nick Edinger, who describes himself on his blog Word Salad Spinner as an aspiring novelist currently studying at the University of Iowa. I got his permission to re-post it here for readers to get to know about my motivation for creating this blog a little better.

The interview originally appeared on MyTrendingStories.com.


  1. To start this interview off, Caleb, I’ll ask that you distill for the reader who you are, what you do, your general philosophy, and why someone who knows nothing about you should read this interview.

Well, I’m a 28 year old Louisianan who has acquired an inordinate amount of knowledge over the years regarding the history of the United States and how it relates to our current situation. I am not an “official” historian by any means though like any good historian I am constantly learning new things. One look around…

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