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[Hat tip to Vaskaxtumir]

War Pigs

by Stan Jacox

A couple people on that thread were interested in medical care conditions here (Stan lives in Russia) so I wanted to relate my story that may resonate with them.

I am not sure if this is relevant for the other thread members but here it is.

Regarding health care….As non-citizens you would need insurance or just pay out of pocket. There is no waiting for appointments and there are many intermediate facilities called Polyclinics where most services that are needed for anything except acute care or operations, or hospitalization. That really cuts down on the cost of providing routine care, everything in one building including lab tests.

Cost of services for non-residents is considered expensive by Russians who always assumed it should be free. But to foreigners, the usual response is “Is this ALL?”

Here is a long story of one of the very few times I…

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