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31 May 2017

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Previous edition: US Army lost track of $1 billion worth of arms and equipment in Iraq, Kuwait

7/7 Met police chief calls for extremists to be locked up in INTERNMENT camps as he says MI5 and police cannot keep track of 3,000 terror suspects –Mr Ghaffur says that the solution is to set up special centres where extremists can be detained. Locking up terror suspects without trial has been discussed by Government, it has emerged. The plan would be to lock them up in internment camps if the situation worsens in the UK. | 30 May 2017 | Thousands of radical extremists must be locked up in new internment camps to protect Britain from the unprecedented terror threat it faces, a Muslim former police chief declares today. Writing exclusively for The Mail on Sunday, Tarique Ghaffur warns there are too many extremists on the streets for police and MI5 officers to monitor. Mr Ghaffur, an Assistant Commissioner at Scotland Yard when the 7/7 bombings took place, proposes that special centres be set up to detain as many as 3,000 extremists, where they can be kept from launching attacks. They would also be made to go through a de-radicalisation programme.

Congress Fast-Tracks Bill That Would Give DHS Agencies Access to NSA Collections | 30 May 2017 | As a parting gift to the incoming president, Barack Obama approved information-sharing rules which gavesixteen federal agencies access to unminimized NSA collections. The whole list of agencies involved in the information sharing can be found at the ODNI’s (Office of the Director of National Intelligence) website…CATO reports a new bill is being quickly and quietly pushed through the House to expand this sharing to several more federal agencies.

Kabul blast: 90 killed and 400 wounded in explosion in Afghan capital’s embassy district | 31 May 2017 | Ninety people have been killed and 400 injured in a powerful car bomb blast that ripped through a diplomatic district in Afghanistan’s capital, Kabul, the government’s media center has reported, according to AP. The Afghan Interior Ministry previously said that 64 people had been killed, according to AFP. The blast is believed to have come from a car bomb. Reuters reported that the powerful bomb was hidden inside a sewage tank on a truck. The precise target was not immediately clear, but many embassies and government buildings are located in the area. [Original item:Dozens killed and injured in Kabul blast close to German and Iranian embassies | 31 May 2017 | Several people were killed and dozens were taken to hospitals after a powerful explosion rocked the Afghan capital near the German and Iranian embassies, according to Kabul police, doctors and local journalists. The precise target of the attack, believed to be a car bomb, was not immediately clear, with many embassies and government buildings located in the same area…The blast struck at around 8:30am local time Wednesday. Pajhwok Afghan News reports that “dozens” of people were killed in the blast and more than 100 injured.

Bomb kills 13, hurts 24 in Baghdad; ISIS claims responsibility | 30 May 2017 | A car bomb exploded outside a popular ice cream shop in central Baghdad just after midnight on Monday, killing 13 people and wounding 24, hospital and police officials said. The Islamic State militant group [I-CIA-SIS] claimed responsibility for the attack, which Iraqi officials said involved apparently remotely detonated explosives inside a parked car.

Sen. John McCain: Putin the ‘most important threat, more so than [his creation] ISIS’ | 29 May 2017 | While overseas in Australia for security talks, [traitor] Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz., said he thinks Russian President Vladimir Putin is “the premier and most important threat, more so than ISIS.”…When asked about the reports that Trump’s son-in-law and senior adviser Jared Kushner sought to set up back-channel communications with Russia about Syria and other policy matters, McCain said, “I don’t like it. I just don’t.” [No one gives a rat’s rear end what you like, dirt-bag!] McCain’s comments come after Secretary of Homeland Security John Kelly’s interview on ABC’s “This Week” on Sunday, in which Kelly said it would be “both normal…and acceptable” to have back-channel communications.

Korean president ‘shocked’ to find 4 unaccounted US THAAD launchers in his country | 30 May 2017 | The newly-elected president of South Korea ordered a probe into why the country’s defense ministry failed to report to him the import of four more rocket launchers for the US anti-missile system in addition to the two confirmed publicly. “President Moon [Jae-in] said it was very shocking,” to hear the four additional launchers had been installed without being reported to the new government or to the public, presidential spokesman Yoon Young-chan told a media briefing on Tuesday. The deployment of the US Terminal High Altitude Area Defense (THAAD) system was approved by the previous conservative government in Seoul, which fell after then-President Park Geun-hye of the Saenuri Party was impeached under the corruption charges.

Nuclear nightmare worse than Fukushima could hit US because of ignored risks – study | 27 May 2017 | The US has underestimated the risks to its nuclear safety as a single nuclear fuel fire could lead to fallout “much greater than Fukushima,” according to a new study. Researches slammed the Nuclear Regulatory Commission for ignoring the potential danger. If spent fuel at one of the dozens of US nuclear sites sets alight, it “could dwarf the horrific consequences of the Fukushima accident [in Japan],” researchers from Princeton University and the Union of Concerned Scientists warned in their study published in the May 26 issue of Science magazine. Supposing that a fuel fire broke out at the Peach Bottom nuclear power plant in Pennsylvania…the accident would have led to the relocation of around 8 million people and would have cost 2 trillion in damages, according to Science Daily, citing the article.

British police release three men arrested in connection Manchester attack | 30 May 2017 | British police said Tuesday that they have released three men without charges that were taken into custody in connection with last week’s Manchester suicide bombing that killed 22 people. Police have arrested at least 16 people in an investigation that continues more than seven days after the attack in a packed concert hall filled with children and young people.

Orlando International Airport incident: Gunman in custody | 30 May 2017 | Authorities responded late Tuesday to a report of an armed man inside one of the parking garages at Orlando International Airport that turned into a 2-hour standoff before the suspect was taken into custody. Police officers communicated with the man at a rental car location inside Level 1, Airside A, according to FOX 35 Orlando. “Gunman in custody. Everyone is safe,” the Orlando Police Department tweeted.

Police: Man staying at Trump Hotel arrested with guns, ammo in car | 31 May 2017 | A man who was staying at the Trump Hotel in Northwest Washington was arrested early Wednesday morning after guns were found inside his car, D.C. police report. Police say 43-year-old Bryan Moles of Edinboro, Pennsylvania, left a gun in plain view inside his car. After searching the vehicle, authorities say they also located another gun in the glove compartment and 90 rounds of ammo…Moles reportedly told police he is a military veteran and suffers from PTSD and that he stayed at the hotel because he likes President Trump.

Lexington Herald-Ledger press room windows shattered from possible gunfire in Kentucky | 29 May 2017 | Several windows were shattered at the main office the Kentucky-based newspaper [Lexington Herald-Leader] Sunday morning that may have been caused by gun fire. The Lexington Herald-Leader reported there are “suspected signs of small-caliber bullet damage to the building.” Security camera footage showed the windows on the first, second and third-levels of the press room were damaged between 9:45 a.m. and 11 a.m. Sunday. Three exterior windows were shattered, leaving a trail of broken glass on the sidewalk outside the building, the Lexington Herald-Leader reports.

Portland mayor asks feds to bar free-speech and anti-Sharia rallies after stabbings | 30 May 2017 | The mayor of Portland, Ore., is calling on federal authorities to cancel a pair of upcoming rallies organized by conservative groups, saying the city was still “in shock” after two men were fatally stabbed on a commuter train Friday while fending off a man shouting anti-Muslim slurs. Mayor Ted Wheeler asked the federal government to revoke a permit authorizing a June 4 “Trump Free Speech Rally” in Portland’s downtown. He also called on the government to block a “March Against Sharia” that is scheduled for June 10 but has not received permits.

House Intelligence Committee subpoenas Trump lawyer Cohen – AP | 30 May 2017 | President Donald Trump’s personal lawyer, Michael Cohen, has been subpoenaed by the House of Representatives Intelligence Committee in its probe into possible Russian ‘election meddling’ and ties to the Trump campaign, the Associated Press reported on Tuesday.

Trump planning to pull U.S. out of Paris climate deal – source | 31 May 2017 | President Donald Trump plans to follow through on a campaign pledge to pull the United States out of a global pact to fight climate change, a source briefed on the decision told Reuters, a move that promises to deepen a rift with U.S. allies. White House officials cautioned that details were still being hammered out and that, although close, the decision on withdrawing from the international accord – agreed to by nearly 200 countries in Paris in 2015 – was not finalized. Trump did not confirm the decision in a post on Twitter, saying only, “I will be announcing my decision on the Paris Accord over the next few days.”

Trump to broaden exemptions to Obamacare birth control mandate – report | 31 May 2017 | The Trump administration is considering taking steps to broaden the Obamacare limits on claiming a religious or moral exemption from providing health insurance that covers birth control, Vox news reported on Wednesday. The Vox website posted a copy of a draft of a new rule that it said the administration was reviewing. The rule would undermine coverage for one of the 10 essential health benefits covered by President Barack Obama’s signature piece of domestic legislation, which Republicans have vowed to repeal and replace.

CNN fires Kathy Griffin from New Year’s Eve lineup following anti-Trump ‘severed head’ photo shoot which 11-year-old Barron thought was real –Griffin is seen holding up Donald Trump’s bloody, severed head for shock-value in a photo shoot captured on video –Democratic Senator Al Franken is refusing to cancel a public appearance with Griffin schedule for July | 31 May 2017 | CNN has fired comedian Kathy Griffin from her annual gig co-hosting its New Year’s Eve program with network anchor Anderson Cooper, following a shock-value photo shoot that depicted her holding President Donald Trump’s blood-gushing severed head. ‘CNN has terminated our agreement with Kathy Griffin to appear on our New Year’s Eve program,’ the network’s PR department tweeted. Trump’s 11-year-old son Barron reportedly saw his father’s decapitated head on television after news of the D-list celebrity’s publicity stunt became news – and thought it was real.

Kathy Griffin apologizes for severed Donald Trump head photo after backlash | 30 May 2017 | The picture of Kathy Griffin holding a prop of President Trump’s severed head would lead to an apology after criticism came from the president’s son, a Clinton, her co-host on CNN’s New Year’s Eve coverage, and many more. In a video posted on Twitter and Instagram, Griffin said that she crossed the line and that the image was too disturbing.

Kathy Griffin photographed with ‘beheaded’ Trump | 30 May 2017 | “D-List” comic [sic] Kathy Griffin was photographed holding a prop of President Trump’s bloody, detached head. The gory snap was taken by photographer Tyler Shields, TMZ reported Tuesday.

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