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There has been an avalanche of tweets about US Senator John McCain wishing him well in his battle against brain cancer. Conservatives and liberals alike have issued their hope that this “war hero” will fight on and overcome his ailment. He has been sent a steady stream of warm greetings and well-wishes from multitudes of politicos.

All of these statements – every single one of them – are in fact expressions of neo-Nazi imperial chauvinism.

Think about this: liberals are telling us that we need to be “civil” and “classy” by issuing gushing praise for this war criminal and war monger, responsible for bombing the people of Vietnam and the people of Yemen (through his support for Saudi actions there). He is a Russia-baiter and an Iran-baiter, and has forged ties with jihadis in Syria. What’s the message in calling this imperialist thug a “war hero” for having being detained and mistreated by the people he dropped bombs on? It’s simply this: that service to the American empire means that continuing to support more violence against Third World peoples is just fine.

The social-imperialist Bernie Sanders tweeted in support of his “friend” and “war hero”, too. This was boringly predictable. Sanders is every bit as much a part of the imperialist swamp as Trump and McCain are. Liberals, including black liberals, are tripping over each other to praise McCain, the “man of integrity” who, even though they “don’t like his politics”, want to thank him for his “service to our country”. They wish him a speedy recovery – so that he can continue de-funding health care for the poor and supplying arms to House of Saud? This disgusting charade of obligatory praise, this repugnant circle-jerk of smiling morons shilling for empire just so they can “stay classy”, shows the utterly rotten core of American society and its worship of crass stupidity, state violence and capitalist terrorism. Liberals would much sooner praise McCain for his “service to our nation” and for his “bravery at the hands of his tormentors” than to denounce him for what he was actually doing during that fascist war, or henceforth as a politician inflicting more misery on Third World peoples. To them, “staying classy” and patting him on the back for his participation in a genocidal imperialist war of aggression is more important than the actual lives of the people he helped ruin and destroy. All those dead Vietnamese, all those dead Yemenis, all those dead Syrians, all those dead Palestinians, massacred by US-supplied bombs and guns at the hands of the Saudi feudal dictators, the the Israeli settler-colonial racist terrorists, the head-chopping Syrian “rebels”, are mere details and annoyances that get in the way of the liberal’s desire to “be civil” and to engage in anti-communist nationalist masturbation. It’s a sickening sight, watching these “progressive”, “feminist”, “left-leaning” dullards literally not giving a shit about the men, women and children slaughtered by US imperialism and its vassals, but bemoaning actual progressives, feminists and leftists for not joining in the circle-jerk.

On behalf of the people of Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, Yemen, Iran, Syria and Palestine, I bid McCain good riddance and fuck you. My only regret is that the Vietnamese didn’t do to him what the cancer will hopefully do now. It will be worth it just to be spared from hearing him bleat about Russia and Assad. And to liberals I say: your ideology, your complacency and your utter subservience to imperialism are not only a hindrance, but a disease. You are pathetic sock-puppets, who Lenin was 100% right about: stupid philistines and mere playthings in the hands of the imperialist bourgeoisie.