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An Outsider's Sojourn II

Image: http://www.myriverside.sd43.bc.ca

Let’s hear it for Elon Musk, his ‘Tesla’ piece of shit, and the entire ‘green revolution’ mob; more perpetrators of corporate-capitalist crimes against humanity/children, and all in the name of “saving the planet”:

African children pay the price for “clean green” electric car battery technology


Goldman Sachs, the merchant bank, calls cobalt ‘the new gasoline’ but there are no signs of new wealth in the DRC, where the children haul the rocks brought up from tunnels dug by hand.

Adult miners dig up to 600ft below the surface using basic tools, without protective clothing or modern machinery. Sometimes the children are sent down into the narrow makeshift chambers where there is constant danger of collapse.

Cobalt is such a health hazard that it has a respiratory disease named after it – cobalt lung, a form of pneumonia which causes coughing and leads to…

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