11 November 2017

All is and will be quiet, here, because I’m stepping away for a couple of weeks. But there are over a thousand posts, some of which I fancy to be worth your while, otherwise I wouldn’t have posted them. Have yourself a dig and see what you might find.

BTW — some suggestions, for anyone with a scientific bent of mind, for “search” tags, things that I thought were surprising finds:

AIDS / Duesberg on AIDS

Climate / Jim Steele / Dr. Judith Curry / Roger Andrews / Prof. Richard S. Lindzen / Henrik Svensmark / Richard Courtney / Jasper Kirkby

Relativity / The Failure of the Eddington and Dyson 1919 Solar Eclipse Expeditions: an Analysis by Paul Marmet, Ph.D / Edward Dowdye, Jr.: The Failed Attempts to Detect Macro Lensing | EU2012 / Dr. Alexander Unzicker  / Dr. Pierre-Marie Robitaille: Sun on Trial 

Cholesterol / Dr. Malcolm Kendrick / Heart of the Matter –Dr MaryAnne Demasi / David Diamond

Okay, hopefully back in two weeks . . . Do take care!

— N