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Also as recommended by Michael Roberts, you would likely benefit from reading both parts (i.e., Part One & Part Two) of Andrew Kliman’s “Harvey Versus Marx On Capitalism’s Crises [Part 1 & Part 2]: Getting Profitability Wrong.”

And don’t neglect the comment section(s) of both Michael’s and Andrew’s pieces. Thought provoking, all.

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Back last October, Professor David Harvey, presented an essay to the University of Izmir, Turkey in October. You can see a You tube screening of that presentation at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-ZJrNgb-iiY&spfreload=10.

Professor Harvey then drafted a paper sent to me called David Harvey, Crisis theory and the falling rate of profit; to be published in 2015 in The Great Meltdown of 2008: Systemic, Conjunctural or Policy-created?, edited by Turan Subasat (Izmir University of Economics) and John Weeks (SOAS, University of London); Publisher: Edward Elgar Publishing Limited. Here is the draft, Harvey on LTRPF.

Last December I did a reply on my blog,
and presented my response in more depth in a paper reply-to-harvey, that Professor Harvey (from now on DH) kindly posted on his own website, http://pcp.gc.cuny.edu/.

I won’t repeat the arguments presented in DH’s paper and my reply – you can read them yourself. Suffice it to…

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