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Oakland Socialist

The beautiful and richly endowed country of Venezuela

If Mexico is “so close to the United States; so far from god”, then Venezuela is “so endowed with oil; so robbed of wealth”. In 1935, Venezuela had the highest per capita GDP in all of Latin America. Yet today, there are reports of a collapsing oil industry caused partly by the fact that oil industry workers are too weak from hunger to actually be able to work.

What happened? The different imperialist powers, especially US imperialism, played their role robbing and plundering, just as they do all around the world. And in the case of US imperialism, it not only plundered Venezuela and Latin America as a whole, it directly supported both the 2002 attempted coup against Chavez; it also helped fund the reactionary capitalist opposition to him. But the role of imperialism was integrated into the capitalist “development” of Venezuela…

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