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Jack Rasmus

My postings to twitter provide short, to the point, and often data oriented comments on important daily economic trends in the US and global economy. Important data points often associated. Here’s the entries for January-February 2019.

    Feb 27

#Tradewar US trade rep hardliners are now complaining China subsidizes its companies & must stop to get a US deal. But so does the US–thru the US tax system. Example: Amazon in 2018 doubled profits from $5.6 to $11.2 billion but paid no taxes. Then got check for $129m from IRS

    Feb 23

#US deficit US stats underestimate inflation, unemployment, and now US deficits. CBO forecasts$900b deficit 2019. But first 3 mos. deficit already $319B. CBO also ignores $70b ‘black budget’ military projects. + if another stock correction or early recession, deficit still higher.

    Feb 23

#TrumpTaxScam Some have asked how 17% decline in tax refund? IRS says 8.7%, i.e. an average…

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