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(Norm’s note — from a comment I made elsewhere:

“Racism is not a ruling establishment invention, but something that very much is an outgrowth of capitalist society, that is to say, of a classed based society premised upon the exploitation of man by man, more of an affliction than an invention, as much of a scourge upon the upper classes as upon the lower ones.

“Societies that subjugate groups of people in the service of others cannot but spawn supremacist ideologies, mindsets that classify people into superordinate and subordinate categories, cultures that are implicitly or explicitly susceptible to racializing relations, or, indeed, to all other conceivable and actual modes of antagonistic or oppressive discriminations.

“Social structure, which is less the product of intent than of historical contingency, has profound psychological effects, in that it structures or conditions people’s modes of perceptions and behaviors, how people perceive themselves in relation to and act toward ‘others.’

“A tragic and repugnant peculiarity of capitalist society is its ineluctable susceptibility to modes of discrimination and oppression that cannot but result in the production of competing ‘identities’ of dominance and subordination.

“Gender is one example of such a locus of ‘identity’ and experience; race is another, as is ethnicity or language or religion, and so on, all of which are intermingled and comprise overlapping social divisions.

“In other words, the disease at hand of which Tarrant is a manifestation is a product of an essential aspect of the society in which we live, a society that at bottom is divided along class lines, and this basic or essential characteristic of capitalist society can and does, and, indeed, cannot but [manifest] in a variety of guises, refracted as it is in the cross-cutting cleavages of race, politics, religion, ethnicity, gender, or other social characteristics that can and do congeal into elements of social identity, be they assumed or imposed.

“The practice of exploitation on a mass scale breeds widespread attitudinal contempt, and broad-based contempt ultimately will breed dispositions to violence, whatever the framing of that contempt, whether [in] nationalist or racist or whatever terms.

“Tarrant is an asshole, yes. But he became an asshole because capitalist society is a hotbed of discrimination and oppression, all assholes being but individual instances of what inevitably must spontaneously grow out of that particular manure.”)