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Organizacija: Centar za radničke studije (CRS) / Organized by: Centre for labour studies (radnickistudiji.org)

13.3.2014., 16h, Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, Zagreb, Croatia Moderated by: Mislav Žitko

talk at [02:4558:40]

discussion at [58:4102:00:45]

Marx’s value theory is no pure economic theory — it is a social theory. It aims at the difference between pre-bourgeois and bourgeois socialization, which Marx captures with the concept of fetishism. The social relations of producers appear as the social characteristics of objects. Thus the character of the prevailing relations of domination too changes: personal relations of domination and bondage are replaced by objective relations of domination. This domination of objective relations is by no means mere ideology, but neither is it without alternative.



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