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Oakland Socialist

Everywhere you walk in the streets of Santiago, there is political graffiti spray painted on the buildings. A popular slogan among the graffiti is “Chile despertó” – Chile woke up. And truly, the whole society has awoken, with daily street protests and constant political discussions among all layers and all ages.

After a month of daily protests, on Friday, Nov. 15, Chile’s political parties agreed to organize a constitutional convention in order to rewrite the country’s constitution. The pact –
the “Acuerdo” – was called “Agreement for Social Peace and a New Constitution.” The agreement referred to the “the grave political and social crisis of the country,” and said that it’s purpose was to “the reestablishment of peace and public order.” That same evening, and every evening after, the crowds gathered, the stones flew at the “carabineros”, and tear gas filled the air. And the next…

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