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Yesterday at 11pm the UK left the European Union.

In the period leading up to the referendum and in the three years of political crisis that followed it there were repeated warnings that Brexit would be catastrophic for employment. Britain Stronger in Europe claimed that :

If we leave the EU experts predict that the economic hit would mean up to 950,000 UK jobs could be lost (Source: Confederation of British Industry), meaning less security for you and your family.

But the closer Brexit came, the more optimistic was the actual news about employment. In February 2019 the Independent, a pro remain paper asked:

How is UK unemployment so low despite Brexit turmoil?

In March 2019 a Guardian headline read:

UK unemployment falls to 44-year low despite Brexit fears

But should this have been any surprise?

Have the 47 years of EU membership actually been good for employment?

Was unemployment…

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