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Source: Rubikon

by Jens Bernert

Monday, April 20, 2020

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Here you will find a selection of over 120 expert opinions on corona, including a number of statements by high-ranking doctors and virologists. This list does not claim to be complete and is also available as a printable PDF file (1).

“He and his team are investigating the Corona victims in Hamburg: Now the Hamburg medical examiner Klaus Püschel has appealed to Chancellor Angela Merkel to slowly open up Germany again. ‘Now is the right time,’ says Püschel of the ‘Hamburger Abendblatt’. He added: ‘The era of virologists is over. We should now ask others what is right in the corona crisis, for example the intensive care physician. ‘ According to his findings, Covid-19 is ‘a comparatively harmless viral disease’. The Germans would have to learn to live with it, and without quarantine. The fatalities he examined all had such serious previous illnesses that, even if it sounds hard, they would all have died in the course of this year, said Püschel ” (2).

Professor Dr. Klaus Püschel is a forensic doctor and head of forensic medicine in Hamburg

“’We come to a much lower value of 1.6 per thousand. So if we have 1,000 Danes who have had this infection, there are one or two who have died from it. ‘ (…) Together with colleagues, he performed blood tests on almost 1,500 blood donors (…) The blood was used to test for coronavirus antibodies, and preliminary results shed new light on the number of infected people “ (3).

Professor Dr. Henrik Ullum, Rigshospitalet Copenhagen, Denmark, Section for Transfusion Medicine, Center of Diagnostic Investigation

“What we need is to control the panic,” he said. Overall, we will be fine. (…) But he also accuses the media of causing unnecessary panic by focusing on the relentless increase in the cumulative number of cases and putting the spotlight on celebrities who become infected with the virus. In contrast, the flu has contracted 36 million Americans since September and killed an estimated 22,000, according to the CDC, but most of these deaths are not reported ” (4).

Professor Dr. Michael Levitt, Professor of Biochemistry, Stanford University, USA. Nobel Prize in Chemistry 2013

“Personally, I would say the best advice is to spend less time watching television news that is sensational and not very good. I personally think this Covid outbreak is a bad winter flu epidemic. In this case we had 8000 deaths in the risk groups last year, ie over 65% people with heart disease etc. I don’t think the current Covid will exceed this number. We suffer from a media epidemic! ” (5).

Professor Dr. John Oxford from Queen Mary University of London, UK, the world’s leading virologist and influenza specialist

“I feel that what is going on right now is what we experience more or less every winter. (…) The contagion is high. But in my view, the disease is not as bad as influenza. (…) I believe that you only look at one thing selectively here and fill it with a certain panic. (…) I believe that we have had situations like this several times and that the measures are now being taken too far. (…) We need air and sun, air dilutes the viruses and sun with UV light kills them. But no curfew! You don’t get infected on the street! ” (6).

Professor Dr. Karin Mölling, internationally renowned virologist. Former director of the Institute for Medical Virology in Zurich, Switzerland. Cross of Merit 1st Class of the FRG

“Covid-19. Sharp criticism of ARD and ZDF for reporting on the corona virus. (…) As a result, television stages both threat and executive power – and practices ‘system journalism’. (…) The chief editors have abdicated, ‘concludes Jarren. The reporting lacked all the distinctions that had to be made and asked about: Who has which expertise? Who appears in which role? ‘ Mostly individual statements would also be sent, a real debate between experts would not arise, the media scientist writes ” (7).

Professor Dr. Otfried Jarren, Institute for Communication Science and Media Research at the University of Zurich, President of the Swiss Media Commission in Switzerland

“First of all, the tripling of the tests resulted in a little more than tripling the number of people who tested positive. This tripling was demonstrated to the citizens as a tripling of the infected. (…) Far-reaching decisions require secure foundations. This is exactly what has been neglected so far. The repeated equation of the number of positively tested people with the number of infected clouded the view, as did the counting of corona deaths. (…) The government’s standard of when measures should be weakened is based on an apparent number of infected people, which has nothing to do with reality ” (8).

Professor Dr. Gerd Bosbach, professor of statistics, mathematics and empirical economic and social research and co-author of the well-known book “Lies with Numbers”

“First analyzes of Austrian COVID-19 deaths by age and gender:
We analyze the age and gender distribution of the reported COVID-19 deceased in Austria. In line with international studies, Austrian data also suggest that the risk of death increases sharply with age. The observed age dependency is consistent with that of the general annual risk of death in Austria ”

Institute for Medical Statistics (IMS) of the Medical University of Vienna, Austria

“’Those who can calculate and have an understanding of numbers are not defenselessly exposed to the swindle in statistics. This is particularly useful in the Corona crisis. ‘ Meyerhöfer sees ‘also a crisis in mathematical education’. ‘We are seeing rapidly increasing numbers of infected people, and this curve frightens us.’ (…) ‘It is numbers that legitimize contact closures and business closings’ (…) Meyerhöfer refers to the statistical handling of the deceased:’ In statistical practice, a person who dies with Corona is counted as a person who died from Corona. It does not tell whether he died of Corona ‘” (10).

Professor Dr. Wolfram Meyerhöfer, Professor of Mathematics Didactics

“The number of reported infections is not very meaningful, since no population-based approach was chosen, the measurement points to a past time and a high rate of untested (especially asymptomatic) infected people can be assumed. (…) The general preventive measures (eg social distancing) are theoretically poorly secured, their effectiveness is limited and also paradoxical (the more effective, the greater the risk of a ‘second wave’) and they are not efficient in terms of collateral damage ” (11) .

Prof. Dr. Matthias Schrappe, Hedwig François-Kettner, Dr. Matthias Gruhl, Franz Knieps, Prof. Dr. Holger Pfaff, Prof. Dr. Gerd Glaeske, thesis paper on the pandemic caused by SARS-CoV-2 / Covid-19

“Tom Jefferson, an epidemiologist and honorary research fellow at the Center for Evidence-Based Medicine at Oxford University, said the results were ‘very, very important’. He told the BMJ: ‘The sample is small and more data will be available. It is also not clear how exactly these cases were identified. But let’s just say that they can be generalized. And even if they are 10% down, this indicates that the virus is everywhere. If – and I emphasize, if the results are representative, then we have to ask: why the hell do we lock ourselves up? ‘” (12).

Dr. Thomas Jefferson, epidemiologist and research fellow at the University of Oxford, UK

“In both China and South Korea, social distancing only began long after the number of infections had declined, so it had very little effect on the epidemic. This means that herd immunity has already been achieved there, or you are about to reach herd immunity. It was imminent. But by ordering social distancing, they prevented the endpoint from actually reaching the point of view, which is why we still see new cases in South Korea a few weeks after the peak ” (13).

Professor Dr. Knut Wittkowski from New York, USA

“After a long period of reflection, I turn to the remaining reasoned. And despite possible hostility, shit storms or stigmatization, I don’t want to lose the right to critically question comments by journalists, so-called experts, and decisions by political leaders. (…) Percentage of serious cases and death rates overestimated by a factor of 10. (…) Anyone who falsely rates the current procedure as appropriate should have to do so again every year in the influenza season with the same consequence on the occasion of the annual influenza data with us ” (14).

Professor Dr. Dr. Martin Haditsch, specialist in microbiology, virology and infection epidemiology, Austria

“‘The quality of care is currently falling,’ says the chairman of the German Depression Aid Foundation, Professor Ulrich Hegerl. ‘That could cost lives. The number of suicides could increase. ‘ Depression is the cause of most suicides every year. (…) The German Depression Aid recommends those affected to remain active in times of domestic quarantine and to maintain a daily rhythm. Sleep times should not be extended because too much sleep can increase depression severity “ (15).

Professor Dr. Ulrich Hegerl, University Hospital Frankfurt, Chairman of the German Depression Aid Foundation

“In the past, pneumonia at the end of life was called the friend of the elderly. And now you go there, diagnose the corona infection and turn it into an intensive care case and of course you still can’t save the patient. They are just too seriously ill ” (16).

Dr. Matthias Thöns, specialist in anesthesiology emergency, pain and palliative medicine

“In my first video on COVID-19, I suggested (…) that the death rate should be around 0.7%. The opposite was proven to me today. The number of deaths is actually one tenth of them. Here is the unvarnished truth: COVID-19 is not much worse than bad flu ” (17).

Professor Sam Vaknin, Israel

“The fear of Covid-19 is based on its high estimated death rate – according to the World Health Organization and other organizations, 2 to 4% of people with confirmed Covid-19 have died. (…) We believe that this estimate is profoundly incorrect. (…) If the number of actual infections is much larger than the number of cases – by orders of magnitude larger – then the actual mortality rate is also much lower. This is not only plausible but, based on what we know so far, is also likely ” (18).

Professor Dr. Eran Bendavid and Professor Dr. Jay Bhattacharya are medical professors at Stanford University, USA

“In infectious diseases, a distinction is made between infection and illness. So only patients with symptoms – like fever or cough in this case – should be included in the statistics as new cases. In other words, a new infection, determined by a laboratory test, does not necessarily mean that we are dealing with a newly ill patient who will need a hospital bed. (…) Draconian measures that restrict people’s fundamental rights in such a comprehensive way can only be imposed if there is reliable evidence that a new virus is extremely dangerous. (…) Has there ever been such a scientifically founded indication for COVID-19? In my view, the simple answer is: no ” (19).

Professor Dr. Sucharit Bhakdi, specialist in microbiology and infection epidemiology, former head of the Institute for Medical Microbiology and Hygiene at the University of Mainz

“In Heinsberg, for example, a 78-year-old man with previous medical conditions died of heart failure, and that without Sars-2 involving the lungs. Since he was infected, he naturally appears in the Covid 19 statistics. But the question is whether he would not have died anyway, even without Sars-2. Around 2,500 people die every day in Germany, with twelve dead so far, there has been a connection to Sars-2 in the past three weeks. Of course people will still die, but I am leaning far out of the window and saying: It could well be that in 2020 we will not have more deaths than in any other year ” (20).

Professor Dr. Hendrick Streeck, Professor of Virology and Director of the Institute for Virology and HIV Research at the Medical Faculty of the University of Bonn

“We have to keep these serious measures of society as a whole [note: interview question about contact closures and exit restrictions] as short and as low as possible, because they could possibly cause more illnesses and deaths than the corona virus itself. (…) We know that, for example Unemployment creates illness and even increased mortality. It can also drive people into suicide. Restricting freedom of movement is likely to have a further negative impact on the health of the population ” (21).

Professor Dr. Gérard Krause, Head of Epidemiology at the Helmholtz Center for Infection Research

“That is not the impression I get from talking to my colleagues in Germany. We agree, for example, that there is no point in closing the borders at this point. We also agree that it is necessary to minimize social contacts. But we also agree that it is very difficult to foresee what happens when you close schools. A lot of things happen when you do that: children are affected, society, especially parents. (…) This means that the effect of this measure on public health will be much worse than the spread of the virus in schools ” (22).

Dr. Anders Tegnell, head of the Swedish health authority

“Beate Bahner, specialist lawyer for medical law from Heidelberg, announces a lawsuit against the corona regulation Baden-Württemberg: The measures taken by the federal and state governments are blatantly unconstitutional and violate a multitude of fundamental rights of citizens in Germany to an extent never seen before. (…) Weekly restrictions on going out and bans on contact based on the darkest model scenarios (without taking factual-critical expert opinions into account) as well as the complete closure of companies and businesses without any evidence of any risk of infection from these businesses and companies are grossly unconstitutional ” (23).

Beate Bahner, specialist lawyer for medical law, author of five medical law books

“Total algorithmic population control. If you cannot show a green button on your surveillance smartphone in Wuhan, which signals that you are probably not infected, you can only move on foot and may not enter restaurants and the like. In South Korea, surveillance camera recordings, credit card data and GPS data are evaluated in order to identify and track potential virus carriers. Covid-19 is like a heavenly gift for the plans of the World Economic Forum. (…) And thanks to Covid-19, a lot of people now find these totalitarian opportunities even desirable ” (24).

Dr. Norbert Häring, journalist and economist

“Finally, the use of non-invasive ventilation in patients with COVID-19 in the intensive care unit is controversial. Given the above factors, clinicians in critically ill patients with ARDS due to COVID-19 may not resort to non-invasive ventilation until further data from the COVID-19 epidemic are available “ (25).

Professor Dr. Silvio A. Ñamendys-Silva, intensive care doctor, Mexico

“The Robert Koch Institute is changing the way it is counted, which makes the data increasingly messy. It is becoming increasingly difficult to make an objective summary. More and more frightening pictures and reports are rushing in on us without anything recognizable changing in the numbers ” (26).

Dr. Bodo Schiffmann, medical doctor

“We know coronaviruses from the past (…) But the data suggest that this disease is less dangerous than influenza. (With) influenza, we can all still remember well how it came to a serious outbreak situation in 2017. Ultimately, with 27,000 deaths in Germany and these 27,000 deaths that seem to have displaced some. (…) It cannot be that we only care about Corona and that somewhere there is a risk that some other germ outbreaks will result, for example ” (27).

Professor Dr. Jochen A. Werner, Medical Director and CEO of the University Medical Center Essen

“In view of the well-known fact that 7-15% of acute respiratory diseases (ARE) are always caused by coronaviruses with each ‘flu wave’, the number of cases now added is still completely within the normal range. About one in every thousand people die from the winter infection waves. By selectively using detection methods – for example only in clinics and medical outpatient clinics – this rate can of course easily increase to a frightening level, because those who need help are usually worse off than those who recover at home ” (28) .

Dr. Wolfgang Wodarg, internist, pulmonologist, specialist for hygiene and environmental medicine. Member of the German Bundestag from 1994 to 2009

“Is our fight against the coronavirus worse than the disease? (…) Possible application of a ‘herd immunity’ approach (…) The data from South Korea (…) show that 99 percent of the active cases in the general population are ‘mild’ and do not require specific medical treatment. (…) The deaths are mainly found in the elderly, in people with serious chronic diseases such as diabetes and heart disease, and in people in both groups. This does not apply to infectious flagella like the flu. The flu also hits older and chronically ill people hard, but it also kills children ” (29).

Dr. David Katz, Yale University, USA, founding director of the Yale University Prevention Research Center

“It is usually the case that people willingly give up their freedom if they want to protect themselves against an external threat. And the threat is usually a real threat, but it is usually exaggerated. I’m afraid that’s what we’re seeing now. (…) And anyone who has studied history will recognize the classic symptoms of collective hysteria here. Hysteria is contagious (…) whether the cure is perhaps worse than the illness ” (30).

Jonathan Sumption, former judge of the British Supreme Court

“It can be deduced from this that the mortality rate of COVID 19 is clearly below 1%: This finding was also included in a study by colleague Anthony Fauci from the US National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, which is based on a report based on 1099 Laboratory-confirmed COVID-19 patients from 552 Chinese hospitals are concentrated. This suggests that the overall clinical outcomes of COVD-19 might ultimately be similar to severe seasonal flu, which has a mortality rate of around 0.1%, or pandemic flu like that of 1957 or 1968, and not that of SARS or MERS, which are characterized by a lethality of 10% or 36% and which, unbelievably, did not cause panic in our country ” (31).

Professor Dr. Giulio Tarro, virologist, Italy

“But Prof. Ricciardi added that Italy’s death rate can also be high due to the way doctors report the deaths. (…) ‘A re-evaluation by the National Health Institute showed that only 12 percent of the death certificates were directly related to the coronavirus, while 88 percent of the patients who died had at least one previous illness – many had two or three, ”he said” (32) .

Professor Dr. Walter Ricciardi is scientific advisor to the Italian Minister of Health

“This evidence fiasco creates tremendous uncertainty about the risk of dying from Covid-19. Reported deaths, such as the official 3.4% rate from the World Health Organization, are appalling – and meaningless. Patients who have been tested on SARS-CoV-2 are disproportionately large with severe symptoms and poor results. Since most health systems have limited testing capacity, the selection bias could even increase in the near future. (…) A population-wide death rate of 0.05% is lower than that of seasonal flu. If this is the real rate, sealing off the world with potentially enormous social and financial implications can be completely irrational ” (33).

Professor Dr. John Ioannidis, Stanford University, USA

“Corona: A mass panic epidemic. (…) The WHO estimates that a flu season kills around 500,000 people, ie around 50 times more than those who have died during the more than three-month coronavirus epidemic. (…) No such draconian measures were taken during the 2009 influenza pandemic, and of course they cannot be used every winter that lasts all year round, as it is always winter somewhere. We cannot switch off the whole world permanently ” (34).

Professor Dr. Peter C. Gøtzsche, medical researcher and professor at the University of Copenhagen, Denmark

“The media stir up fear of the corona virus (…) Every winter we have a virus epidemic with thousands of deaths and millions of people infected in Germany. And corona viruses always have their part in it. (…) Anyone who is only exposed to quarantine measures and suffers financial damage because of a positive coronavirus PCR test may be entitled to compensation under Paragraph 56 of the Infection Protection Act. But you should also defend yourself against senseless deprivation of liberty ” (35).

Dr. Wolfgang Wodarg, internist, pulmonologist, specialist for hygiene and environmental medicine. Member of the German Bundestag from 1994 to 2009

“SARS-CoV-2, the novel corona virus from China, is spreading worldwide and despite its currently low incidence outside of China and the Far East it triggers an enormous response. Four common corona viruses are currently in circulation and cause millions of cases worldwide. This article compares the incidence and mortality rates of these four common coronaviruses to those of SARS-COV-2 (…) It concludes that the problem of SARS-CoV-2 is likely to be overestimated since 2.6 million people annually die from respiratory infections compared to fewer than 4,000 deaths in SARS-CoV-2 at the time of writing of this article ” (36).

French scientists Yanis Roussel, Audrey Giraud-Gatineau, Marie-Thérèse Jimenoe, Jean-Marc Rolain, Christine Zandotti, Philippe Colson and Didier Raoult in a contribution to the corona crisis

“At the end of the year, however, all states with prosperity are irretrievably indebted, all people with material prosperity are expropriated, the medium-sized economy is decimated, the large banks are being restructured thanks to their loans to states, the so-called health sector has become even more bloated and big pharma has become even richer. (…) Everyone will live in fear of contagion and vegetate unemployed in a socially isolated manner or in the ‘home office’ with online orders. The survivors will need everything above the bare minimum to raise the protection money for banks and big pharma ” (37).

Dr. Gerd Reuther, medical doctor

“The numbers of young coronavirus sufferers are misleading (…) Vernazza therefore calls for all of the rash decisions made in recent weeks to be reflected upon. If almost 90 percent of the infections go unnoticed, it makes no sense to test all people. (…) The new findings show that many of the measures may even be counterproductive. Above all, he thinks it is wrong to close schools, as a curfew in the epidemiological sense would not be the right thing ” (38).

Professor Dr. Pietro Vernazza, infectiologist, Cantonal Hospital St. Gallen (Switzerland)

“While everyone is talking about the corona virus, there is currently little news of the flu. According to experts, the risk of infection and mortality in influenza viruses are about the same as in coronavirus. ‘Corona is by no means more dangerous than influenza,’ says chief physician Clemens Wendtner from the Schwabinger Clinic for Infectious Diseases, where seven of the thirteen corona infected people in Germany are being treated. ‘We assume that the mortality rate is significantly less than one percent, and even more in the per mil range,’ explains Wendtner. This is a similar size to that of influenza ” (39).

Professor Dr. Clemens Wendtner, chief physician at the Schwabinger Clinic for Infectious Diseases

“The virologists, who are now significantly influencing political events, are taking advantage of a redefinition of ‘pandemic’ by the World Health Organization (WHO) for their form of scaremongering. While a pandemic had only been declared before when a virus caused significant disease rates worldwide, the spread of viruses alone has been a reason for initiating a phased monitoring and virus control plan since 2017. However, since all forms of viruses are spreading rapidly across the world due to globalization, there is basically always a pandemic. And every year there are new viruses that spread quickly to the world population. It thus becomes a matter of arbitrariness or of special interests to declare a pandemic with a certain virus ” (40).

Professor Dr. Franz Ruppert, psychotraumatologist

“The EU Commission met with Facebook & Co. to coordinate steps against the spread of conspiracy theories surrounding the Covid 19 outbreak. (…) All participants had assured that they would make ‘reliable news sources’ more prominent, ‘want to remove banned or harmful content’ (…) (…) The tools developed in the code of conduct, according to which unmasked ‘fake accounts’ and social bots were quickly switched off and According to Jourová, beneficiaries of false reports that advertising revenue should be withdrawn helped the signatories to react quickly. (…) Facebook boss Mark Zuckerberg had publicly assured at the same time that he decided to take action against false information about the corona virus ” (41).

Stefan Krempl, IT specialist magazine Heise Online

“‘Corona is more of a head problem’. The flu currently poses a significantly higher risk than the corona virus, according to the doctor. 200 lives in Germany, according to a report from Thursday morning, had claimed them in the first months of the year. 17,000 had already been infected in this country. Compared to the few hundred corona cases known in Germany, which were mostly light, this was far worse. Nevertheless, there is a great deal of uncertainty among the population about the subject of corona, a ‘huge noise’, as Hable says ” (42).

Dr. Michael Hable, medical officer

“You cannot prevent the infection. The asymptomatic are just as virus-spreading as the symptomatic. (…) The symptomatic are actually less contagious than the asymptomatic, which are still in the incubation period. (…) It is completely hopeless to want to protect against viral infection. That is why the measures that are being taken at the moment are completely absurd ” (43).

Dr. Claus Köhnlein, internist

“We could make a simple estimate of the IFR as 0.36% based on halving the lowest limit of the CFR prediction interval. However, the considerable uncertainty about how many people suffer from the disease, the proportion of asymptomatic patients (and the demographics of those affected) means that this IFR is probably an overestimation. (…) In Iceland, where most tests were carried out per capita, the IFR is somewhere between 0.01% and 0.19%. Taking into account historical experience, trends in the data, the increased number of infections in the largest population group and the potential effects of misclassification of deaths, a presumed estimate for the COVID-19 IFR is between 0.1% and 0.36% “ (44).

Dr. Jason Oke, Professor Dr. Carl Heneghan, Oxford University, UK

“In every country, more people die from regular flu than from the corona virus. (…) What has stopped the swine flu pandemic and what does virus stop in general? Anyone who believes the government is killing viruses is completely wrong. What is really happening The virus, which no one can stop, spreads to the population, and then the population, not the most vulnerable, is exposed to the virus, and at the same time the body produces antibodies to switch off and prevent the disease. Currently, the virus is spreading in Israel by a large number of people who do not know they have it, and people are being exposed to the virus and become immune. The chain of infection is interrupted and the virus comes to a standstill ”(45).

Professor Dr. Yoram Lass, former director general of the Israeli Ministry of Health

“The only ‘basis’ of the completely absurd ‘corona vertigo’ floating in the fact-free vacuum is the ‘5% IPS patient lie’ – every primary school student knows that the ratio of IPS patients to sick people (ie those who test positive) is 1:20 aka 5% in reality is a factor of 100 or even lower, because every IPS patient is tested, but the least sick, ergo less than 0.05%, and the ‘corona-dead lie’ with which everyone knows what I know also deceased (random) carriers of ONE (PCR extremely sensitive) corona virus is considered to be AN COVID-19 deceased. This is the case in Italy and Germany, and because I never received an answer to my question to the BAG, probably also with us and everywhere else ”(46).

Dr. Thomas Binder, doctor, Switzerland

“As far as can be seen, the various exit restrictions were enacted by general decree, referring to Section 28 Infection Protection Act. Among the few lawyers who have spoken out publicly, it seems – and rightly so – the majority agree that they are all illegal. § 28 IfSG is already not a suitable legal basis – apart from the fact that the proportionality of some restrictions is also very doubtful. Therefore, in my opinion, an action against the general decree – or against the penalties or fines based on it – would have good prospects of success ” (47).

Dr. Jessica Hamed, criminal and constitutional lawyer

“In my opinion – and I have a lot in common with many other doctors – the virus is about the same danger as influenza. We see this in the death rates, which are around 0.3 to 0.7 percent. That’s what we see with influenza. The course is similar. So it is a disease of the ear, nose and throat. This is an infection that is similar to influenza and is similarly contagious. (…) Measles are significantly more dangerous ” (48).

Professor Dr. Stefan Hockertz, immunologist and toxicologist

“The numbers of 20 or 50,000 corona people named every day in different countries are utter nonsense. Not even 1 percent of the population has been tested using highly questionable tests. We don’t know anything about the other 99 percent. A strong increase in flu symptoms was already noticed at the beginning of February. They were probably already corona cases. Only it has not been tested. In any case, the current measures are not based on facts, but are an irrational overreaction ” (49).

Dr. Gerd Reuter, medical doctor

“In Italy, the deaths during the regular flu season are 20 times higher each year than those who have died with Covid-19 so far. How is it that we don’t overload the intensive care units every year? Here are the data from Covid-19 in Italy, updated on March 10, 2020 at 6:00 p.m .: 8514 cases with 631 deaths. Note that this selection is chosen extremely selectively, as the tests are mainly performed on sick people. The majority of experts, including Ilaria Capua, believe that asymptomatic cases are 10 to 100 times higher. Therefore, the mortality rate will not be 7.4%, but at least ten times lower. (…) These data confirm that we are still facing a panic epidemic and that the media are the main spreaders ” (50).

Dr. Leopoldo Salmaso from Italy specializes in infectious and tropical diseases as well as public health

“It is neither possible to demonstrate a significantly increased lethality of the virus, nor a pandemic course. For scientific reasons, in my eyes it is imperative to carry out a statistical study to check the real danger of the situation. Politicians and the medical profession are in complete blind flight during the corona crisis – not a pandemic not proven there. This can and will cost human lives ” (51).

Dr. Richard Capek, medic

“This significantly overestimates the mortality from the disease, but how much is unknown. So we have a confusion of terms that ultimately explains why we keep talking about infected people instead of positive people. The high numbers remain in memory, such as the WHO mortality rate of 3.4%. And that creates fear. (…) That we should ensure that the media do not use the power of images to generate emotions that influence our judgment. If you get pictures of coffins and death departments from Italy or pictures of completely empty shelves, then their effects exceed the facts mentioned ” (52).

Professor Dr. Gerd Bosbach, professor of statistics, mathematics and empirical economic and social research and co-author of the well-known book “Lies with Numbers”

“I did a scientific study on chloroquine and viruses that was published thirteen years ago. Since then, four other studies by other authors have shown that the coronavirus responds to chloroquine. None of this is new. It takes my breath away that the group of decision-makers doesn’t even know about the latest science. We knew about the possible effect of chloroquine on cultured virus samples. It was known to be an effective antivirus ” (53).

Professor Dr. Didier Raoult is an infectious disease expert and runs a hospital in Marseille, France

“[Question: Professor Edenharter, are the currently banned contact bans and exit restrictions covered by the Basic Law and the applicable laws?]
A clear no. First of all, there is no suitable legal basis. In addition, regulations have been adopted, at least in some federal states, which disproportionately restrict the freedom rights of certain groups of people ”

Professor Dr. Andrea Edenharter, legal professor

“[Quotes a colleague] In this context I would like to point out that the RKI is against autopsies for reasons of infection protection! (…) So far, it has been a matter of course for pathologists to take appropriate safety precautions, even for infectious diseases such as HIV / AIDS, hepatitis, tuberculosis, PRION diseases, etc. Are you afraid of knowing the real causes of death for those who tested positive? Could it be that the corona deaths would melt away like snow in the spring sun? By the way, minimal or limited autopsies, as recommended by the RKI, are always problematic because you can usually only find what you are looking for, but essential unexpected findings often go undetected ” (55).

Dr. Bodo Schiffmann, doctor

“If a virus does not kill itself or kill alone, but only in combination with other diseases, then you shouldn’t blame the virus alone. That this happens with COVID-19 is not only wrong, it is dangerously misleading. Because you forget that many other factors – local factors – can play a decisive role. (…) I can only say: These measures are self-destructive and that if society accepts them and carries them out, it is like a collective suicide ” (56).

Professor Dr. Sucharit Bhakdi, specialist in microbiology and infection epidemiology, former head of the Institute for Medical Microbiology and Hygiene at the University of Mainz

“Journalism that only parrots public statements without criticism has ended. (…) Reading newspapers is fast at the moment. Two minutes, like in the GDR. Scroll once and you know that the government’s opinion has not changed and neither has the media logic. Actually, I’ve already said everything about it. Last week I wrote how journalism and politics rocked each other in the imperative of attention, thereby creating a reality that three of us can no longer discuss on the street. This is the death of the public, which cannot be revived online ” (57).

Professor Dr. Michael Meyen, Professor of Communication Science at LMU Munich

“According to the ‘Kurier’ (Wednesday edition), the Salzburg internist Jochen Schuler spoke of ‘non-quantifiable medical collateral damage from the shutdown’. ‘There is currently a large number of patients who are not well cared for. The familiar paths in the health system are blocked for many, ‘said Schuler. ‘Many of us have the feeling that it will fly around our ears because the problems don’t go away’ (58).

Dr. Jochen Schuler, doctor, Salzburg, Austria

“This suggests that the overall clinical outcomes of Covid-19 are more similar to those of severe seasonal flu (with a death rate of about 0.1%) or pandemic flu (similar to those of 1957 and 1968) than an illness like SARS or MERS in which the deaths were 9 to 10% and 36% respectively ” (59).

Dr. Anthony S. Fauci is a US government immunologist adviser on biohazards, HIV and other virus infections. Co-authors: Dr. H. Clifford Lane and Dr. Robert R. Redfield

“It is often said that if you now compare this corona virus with influenza, it is a trivialization. But that’s not the case. So in Germany we have a very, very high disease burden from the influenza virus and also a very, very large number of deaths. The worst influenza year in recent history in Germany was the winter of 2018. It happened that around 25,000 people died in Germany within a period of 8 weeks. And if you imagine it now with media support, as is common today with the coronavirus, then it would be that we would get such reports every week: in the first week 100 people died in Germany, then there were 1000 people, then there were 5000 the next week, then it’s 8000, then the numbers slowly decrease again. That would be very, very dramatic if it were really accompanied by such media. With Corona we are very, very far away from this situation. Nevertheless, the fear that many have is far greater than it was in winter 2018 ” (60).

Professor Dr. Carsten Scheller is a professor of virology at the University of Würzburg.

“400 people were reported in Styria alone because they did something wrong. And I already think ‘wow’. We would not have let anyone offer us that recently, which is forbidden to us now. You have to weigh it up: Is this medical risk, on the one hand, that we actually have, worth it, that we let all our freedoms be trampled on? Is that proportionate or not? I find this question important. Because of course: The fear patient always wants radical solutions. He wants total solutions. The anxious patient wants this because he is afraid, he wants the virus away ” (61).

Dr. Raphael Bonelli, neuroscientist and psychologist, Austria

“Mass psychology has taught us at least since Le Bon that people, especially in times of crisis, are united under the impression of a threat to form a uniform mass. It does not matter whether the threat exists objectively, or is only perceived as such, or maybe just constructed. This extremely powerful mass psychological mechanism works particularly well with a threat that is perceived as unknown, i.e. new. For example, a virus like the corona virus ” (62).

Harald Haas, psychologist, political scientist

“How does discrediting and disinformation work? (…) Strategy 1: The persons concerned are presented in a disparaging way (…) 2: Words are used around the term ‘lies’ (…) 3: Arguments are not given specifically, but only hinted at and evaluated (…) 4: In the alleged contradiction, only perspectives or even confirmations are brought (…) 5: Contradictory or strange statements of mainstream opinion remain unilluminated (…) 6: Arguments are brought per government line that are – literally – meaningless (…) 7: Statements the person concerned is reproduced incorrectly or not at all (…) However, as a linguist, I do see that there are filters and discourse patterns from journalists and lobbyists that are not very helpful for the discussion, because they obscure the view of arguments ” (63).

Professor Dr. Joachim Grzega, linguist

“So far, the Robert Koch Institute and the German government have avoided collecting and publishing the number of weekly corona tests in Germany. Instead, fear and panic were fueled with out of context case numbers. Official data now show for the first time that the rapid increase in the number of cases essentially results from an increase in the number of tests ” (64).

Paul Schreyer, investigative journalist

“The actual number of coronavirus positive ‘can only be given after a serious epidemiological study,” warns Gismondo. She warns: ‘The only reliable numbers today are those of patients who are hospitalized in the sub-intensive care and intensive care units and those of deaths’. As a result, the virologist makes it clear: ‘Today we can only talk about the percentage of deaths among hospitalized patients. All other numbers are wrong ‘and as such’ they also distort people’s impression ‘. It also has dangerous effects on the psyche. We conclude – according to Gismondo – that can change the trend of the measures taken and influence the behavior of the citizens ” (65).

Professor Dr. Maria Rita Gismondo, microbiologist, Milan, Italy

“Consider the effects of the closure of offices, schools, transportation systems, restaurants, hotels, shops, theaters, concert halls, sporting events and other venues indefinitely and the related unemployment and unemployment of all of your employees. The likely outcome would be not just depression, but a complete economic breakdown with countless jobs lost long before a vaccine is ready or natural immunity sets in. (…) Advise people at higher risk to protect themselves through physical distance and to increase our health care capacities as aggressively as possible. With this battle plan, we could gradually build immunity without destroying the financial structure on which our lives are based. ” (66).

Professor Michael T. Osterholm, Director of the Center for Infectious Disease Research and Policy at the University of Minnesota

“I’m not a friend of lockdown. Anyone who imposes something like this must also say when and how to pick it up again. Since we have to assume that the virus will be with us for a long time, I wonder when we will return to normal? You can’t keep schools and day care centers closed until the end of the year. Because it will take at least that long until we have a vaccine. Italy has imposed a lockdown and has the opposite effect. They quickly reached their capacity limits, but did not slow down the virus spread within the lockdown. A lockdown is a political measure of desperation because one thinks that coercive measures mean that you can go further than the generation of reason ” (67).

Prof. Dr. Frank Ulrich Montgomery, President of the German Medical Association, Chairman of the World Medical Association

“[Oxford Study Report] Coronavirus’ may have infected half of the UK population”. The investigation suggests that the disease may have been common in the UK two months earlier than the first case was officially diagnosed. (…) Should the results of the study prove correct, this would indicate that only one in every 1,000 infected patients will need hospital treatment and there is hope that the UK’s ‘lockdown’ measures will be lifted earlier than planned could “ (68).

Professor Dr. Sunetra Gupta, Professor of Theoretical Epidemiology, Oxford University

“[Interviewer: But COVID-19 is very contagious, doctor …] Yes, like a cold – people die of it in old people’s homes. So far you haven’t counted them, but now you do. Last year there were more than 500,000 pneumonia worldwide. In Africa, a million could be infected with meningitis, which is transmitted by spit – and the planes come and go. Nobody cares. There are 135,000 people infected with tuberculosis in Latin America, and none are upset. When someone makes a lot of noise about something like Corona … I think it is all very dramatized. From day one, I said the numbers were wrong – as was the case with swine flu back then ” (69).

Dr. Pablo Goldschmidt, virologist. Monaco, France and Argentina

“[Hamburger Morgenpost] Kindergartens and schools are to be opened again as soon as possible so that children and their parents can become immune to the coronavirus through infection. This is what the UKE infectiologist Dr. Ansgar Lohse in the ‘Bild’ newspaper. The continuation of the strict measures would lead to an economic crisis that also costs human lives, according to the physician ” (70).

Professor Dr. Ansgar Lohse is clinical director of the University Medical Center Hamburg-Eppendorf (UKE)

“That fundamental rights are largely suspended for the entire population. That there are restrictions on other fundamental rights to an extent that they can only be exercised marginally. That so many fundamental rights are affected at the same time. And as I said, not for individual people, but for everyone in Germany. (…) Indeed, it is frightening how people are intimidated by the use of suggestive images that create fear. We saw these coffins from Italy on television and the people are terrified and forget how much they loved freedom before, how much they thought it was important to be allowed to demonstrate in Germany and so on. “ (71).

Professor Dr. Dietrich Murswick, professor of public law

“Personally, I would say the best advice is to spend less time watching television news that is sensational and not very good. I personally think this Covid outbreak is a bad winter flu epidemic. In this case we had 8000 deaths in the risk groups last year, ie over 65% people with heart disease etc. I don’t think the current Covid will exceed this number. We are suffering from a media epidemic! ” (72).

Professor Dr. John Oxford from Queen Mary University of London, UK, a leading global virologist and influenza specialist

“COVID-19 has been called the pandemic of the century: ‘It’s a pandemic of the century’. And clear in terms of what we see and hear and the mobilization and all the news and all the deaths that we witness … Obviously it’s a big threat. Or I would say a threat with unknown potential in terms of its ultimate impact. At the same time, I call this – since it may be a one-time fiasco in a century – a proof fiasco (…) actions (…) some of them will do more harm than good “ (73).

Professor Dr. John Ioannisdis, Stanford University, USA

“It is important that the results we present here indicate that the ongoing epidemics in the UK and Italy started at least a month before the first reported death and have already led to the accumulation of a significant level of herd immunity in both countries. There is an inverse relationship between the proportion of animals currently immune and the proportion of the population susceptible to serious diseases. This relationship can be used to determine how many people will need to be hospitalized (and possibly die) in the coming weeks if we are able to accurately determine the current level of herd immunity ” (74).

Jose Lourenco, Robert Paton, Mahan Ghafari, Moritz Kraemer, Craig Thompson, Peter Simmonds, Paul Klenerman, Sunetra Gupta, Oxford University scientist, UK

“So I can’t answer my gnawing doubts, there doesn’t seem to be anything special about this particular epidemic of flu-like illnesses. (…) Once the spotlight moves on, will there be serious and focused international efforts to understand the causes and origins of flu-like diseases and the life cycle of their pathogens? “ (75).

Dr. Tom Jefferson, epidemiologist, Rome, Italy

“The same applies to all other statements in this Spiegel online report. Especially suspicious is that in 2009 the so-called ‘swine flu’ virus, also known as ‘H1N1’, triggered a pandemic with 150,000 deaths worldwide. In fact, ‘the great fear of the’ swine flu pandemic ‘was staged in the media,’ ‘as Ulrich Keil, professor of epidemiology and social medicine at the University of Münster, consultant to the World Health Organization (WHO) for decades and until 2002 chair of the European Region of the World Association of Epidemiologists IEA, rightly stated. ‘That is forgotten today, since after the catastrophe that failed to take place in this country, no work was done on which errors were made in evaluating the H1N1 flu virus infection. The danger of ‘swine flu’ was completely overestimated ‘” (76).

Professor Dr. Ulrich Keil, epidemiologist from the University of Münster and former consultant to the WHO

“No more than 10 people in Israel will die from the novel coronavirus disease COVID-19,” said Nobel laureate Michael Levitt on Wednesday when the government continued to impose additional restrictions on the population. Levitt said fears of the corona virus in Israel are disproportionate to the threat and the number of cases in the country is uncertain due to variations in reporting. ‘I would be surprised if the number of deaths in Israel exceeded 10,’ he said, adding that the Jewish state was ‘not on the world map regarding the disease’ ” (77).

Professor Dr. Michael Levitt, Professor of Biochemistry, Stanford University, USA. Nobel Prize in Chemistry 2013

“In the current climate, anyone who has a positive test for Covid-19 will surely be aware of the clinical staff who are taking care of him: if one of these patients dies, the staff must write the name Covid-19 on the death certificate – contrary to common practice for most infections of this type. There is a big difference between Covid-19, which causes death, and Covid-19, which is found in someone who has died from other causes. If you make Covid-19 reportable, it could appear that it is causing more and more deaths, whether that’s true or not. It could make it look much more like a killer than a flu, simply because of the way the deaths are recorded ” (78).

Professor Dr. Jon Lee, pathologist, Great Britain

“There is no significant risk of contracting the disease while shopping. Severe outbreaks of the infection were always the result of people being closer together for a longer period of time, such as at the après ski parties in Ischgl, Austria. He was also unable to find any evidence of ‘living’ viruses on surfaces. ‘When we took samples from doorknobs, telephones or toilets, it was not possible to cultivate the virus in the laboratory on the basis of these smears …’ ” (79).

Professor Dr. Hendrick Streeck, Professor of Virology and Director of the Institute for Virology and HIV Research at the Medical Faculty of the University of Bonn

“First of all, I would like to say that in 30 years of public health medicine, I have never seen anything like it, not even anything like it. I’m not talking about the pandemic because I’ve seen 30 of them, one every year. It’s called influenza. And other respiratory viruses, we don’t always know what they are. But I’ve never seen this reaction before, and I’m trying to understand why. (…) Pressure placed on public health doctors and those responsible for public health. And this pressure comes from different sides. The first place he came from was the director general of the World Health Organization (WHO) when he said, ‘This is a serious threat and a number one enemy of the state’, I have never heard a director general of the WHO use such terms ” (80).

Professor Dr. Joel Kettner, University of Manitoba, Canada

“In general, the current widespread notion that health and life are a priori higher priorities than other constitutional goods when making the necessary balancing decisions. Even if it is difficult: The basic right to life and physical integrity (Art. 2 Abs. 2 S. 1 GG) is subject to a simple legal reservation. In the interest of personal freedom, we do not force anyone to consent to postmortem organ donation, even though people on the waiting lists die every day. Of course, a speed limit on the motorways and a ban on overtaking on country roads would mean that nine people would not die on Germany’s streets every day; we don’t do it because we (here in my opinion absurdly) place greater emphasis on mobile freedom than the protection of life ” (81).

Professor Dr. Thorsten Kingreen, public, social and health law, University of Regensburg

“The European ‘mortality monitor’, to which all deaths are reported on a weekly basis, even shows immortality at the moment. The feared rush to the hospitals has also failed to materialize. Reliable data are therefore lacking, which justify the severity of the interventions. (…) This is undoubtedly the largest redistribution program ever in peacetime. Lucky knights and subsidy hunters who are looking for gaps in the roughly knit laws will benefit. Sectors such as delivery services or medical device manufacturers will also benefit from which you cannot blame them. All others, especially transfer recipients and taxpayers, will lose. (…) In hindsight, we all have to pay for it ” (82).

Professor Dr. Stefan Homburg, the director of the Institute for Public Finance at Leibniz University in Hanover

“The CDC counts both real COVID-19 cases and speculative assumptions of COVID-19 equally. They call it death from COVID-19. They automatically overestimate the actual death toll, as they admit. Before COVID-19, people were more likely to get an exact cause of death on their death certificates when they died in hospital. Why more precisely when a patient dies in the hospital? Because the hospital staff has laboratories for physical examination results, radiological studies, etc. to make a good educated guess. It is estimated that 60 percent of people die in hospital. But even [in these] hospital deaths, the cause of death is not always clear, especially in someone with multiple health conditions, (83).

Dr. Annie Bukacek has been a doctor in the state of Montana, USA for 30 years

“The Federal Association of German Pathologists (BDP) and the German Society for Pathology (DGP) are demanding as many autopsies as possible from those who have died of corona. In doing so, they contradict the Robert Koch Institute’s recommendation to avoid internal examinations in such cases. On the contrary, it is necessary to gain further knowledge about the disease and its often amazingly brilliant course and to answer open questions. In the best case, further therapy options could be derived from this – this is the value of the autopsy for the living, according to Prof. Dr. med. K.-F. Bürrig, President of the Federal Association. The autopsy is in the public interest and should therefore not be avoided, on the contrary, it should be carried out as often as possible ” (84).

Professor Dr. med. K.-F. Bürrig is President of the Federal Association of German Pathologists (BDP)

“Even when the Marburg virus broke out, with HIV, with SARS, MERS and BSE, findings from pathology and neuropathology helped to understand the clinical symptoms and thus also influenced therapeutic concepts. This must also apply to COVID-19. Prof. Dr. T. Welte addressed to the DGP by the German Center for Lung Research / DZL and Director of the Clinic for Pneumology and Infectious Medicine at the Hannover Medical School / MHH ” (85).

Professor Dr. T. Welte, German Center for Lung Research / DZL, Director of the Clinic for Pneumology and Infectious Medicine at the Hannover Medical School / MHH

“A register for COVID-19 autopsies in German-speaking countries is currently being set up at the Rheinisch-Westfälische Technische Hochschule Aachen,” said the chairman of the DGP, Prof. Dr. Gustavo Baretton. The autopsy information is collected in Aachen. The decentralized preservation of examination tissue ensures that it is available for special examinations. DGP and BDP are planning a quick transfer of knowledge not only within the field of pathology, but also to pulmonary specialists and intensive care physicians, and also to the responsible authorities ” (86).

Professor Dr. Gustavo Baretton is Chairman of the German Society for Pathology (DGP)

“’This virus affects our lives in a completely exaggerated way. This bears no relation to the danger posed by the virus. And the astronomical economic damage now arising is not commensurate with the danger posed by the virus. I am convinced that corona mortality will not even make itself felt as a peak in annual mortality … ‘(…) So not a single person with no previous illness had died of the virus in Hamburg. (…) There is no reason for fear of death in connection with the spread of the disease here in the Hamburg region, he says ” (87).

Professor Dr. Klaus Püschel is a forensic doctor and head of forensic medicine in Hamburg

“Child and adolescent psychiatrist Michael Schulte-Markwort told the newspaper: ‘None of the numbers we know justifies the fear that is being fueled in Germany by the virus.’ He had the impression that the fear gradually became independent, that good news related to the virus was no longer perceived ” (88).

Professor Dr. Michael Schulte-Markwort is, among other things, medical director of the Center for Psychosocial Medicine at the University Clinic Hamburg Eppendorf.

“(…) the constitutional lawyer and former Federal Minister Rupert Scholz said that some of them were unconstitutional. ‘The situation in which we live has taken on an emergency-like character’ (…) However, emergency legislation only exists in the case of a defense, but not a virus like Covid-19. In addition, the principle of proportionality must be observed in all laws. For Scholz, this is not the case, especially when it comes to the closure of hotels and restaurants. According to Scholz, anyone who has had to close their restaurant without a proven infection is entitled to compensation ” (89).

Professor Dr. Rupert Scholz, constitutional lawyer

“Interestingly, the type B prevalent in Wuhan is not the original human virus type. But type A, the original human virus genome, also occurs in Wuhan. In this first phase of the outbreak, the A and C types were found in significant proportions outside of East Asia – among those affected in Europe, Australia and America. In contrast, the B type is the most common type in East Asia. (…) For example, it was initially assumed that the first case of infection in northern Italy (‘Patient One’) was infected by a certain Wuhan contact person from his circle of friends. But when this contact person was tested, it turned out that she didn’t have the virus. The search for the Italian ‘patient zero’ thus ended in a dead end ” (90).

Dr. Michael Forster, Institute for Clinical Molecular Biology (IKMB) of the University Medical Center Schleswig-Holstein (UKSH), Campus Kiel, and the Christian Albrechts University of Kiel (CAU), Dr. Peter Forster, McDonald Institute for Archaeological Research at Cambridge University, et al.

“Check-up and surgery appointments are being postponed outside of the corona virus, which would result in ‘collateral damage’. In Vienna fewer patients with heart attack symptoms come to the hospitals. The Cardiological Society reported declining heart attacks in the previous week. ‘But there are also fewer patients diagnosed with heart failure. These should definitely report if their condition worsens, ‘said cardiologist Thomas Stefenelli, head of the 1st medical department at the Donauspital, to the APA ” (91).

Professor Dr. Thomas Stefenelli, Head of the 1st Medical Department at Donauspital, Vienna, Austria

“‘We are surprised that for Italy, one of the earliest and most affected EU countries, despite the excellent researchers, only a handful of Italian cases have so far been reported in the global COVID-19 case database GISAID,” added Prof. Andre Franke “ (92).

Professor Dr. rer. nat. Andre Franke, Institute for Clinical Molecular Biology, Christian-Albrechts-University Kiel

“‘Persistent feelings of insecurity, fear and isolation create stress and are a risk factor for healthy people’ (…) ‘Former severely affected corona patients, doctors and nurses may be traumatized in and after the crisis.’ (…) ‘In the therapies, we work to ensure that patients actively shape their daily structure and go among people,’ says Hauth. In the corona crisis, many patients are now isolated and feel lonely. Another problem is that many care offers are no longer available ” (93).

Dr. Iris Hauth, member of the board of the German Society for Psychiatry and Psychotherapy, medical director of the Alexian St. Joseph Clinic in Berlin

“It becomes twice as interesting when it comes to the alleged immunity of people who have already survived an infection. This links Gates to the issue of easing travel restrictions by saying, ‘Ultimately, we will need a certificate for those who have either recovered or been vaccinated because we do not want people to travel anywhere in the world where there are countries, who unfortunately don’t have it under control. You don’t want to completely deprive these people of the opportunity to travel and come back. ‘ And then there is the doubly interesting sentence: ‘That is why there will finally be a kind of digital immunity record that will enable the global opening of borders’ (94).

Dr. Norbert Häring, journalist and economist

“Can’t people in this country understand that they are being seduced by people without any qualifications? Wieler is a veterinarian with no basic training in infectiology. Or Spahn, a banker with no idea about illness and its origin, let alone life and death? I do not want to talk about Drosten: He has seen or treated hardly any suffering patients in his life. And these people determine what we are allowed and what we are not allowed to do? And threaten us so that every contradiction becomes a crime? I am shocked. Germany is thrown back 85 years ” (95).

Professor Dr. Sucharit Bhakdi, specialist in microbiology and infection epidemiology, former head of the Institute for Medical Microbiology and Hygiene at the University of Mainz

“For the epidemiologist Prof. Alexander Kekulé (61), known from ‘Kekulés Corona Compass’ (MDR), the matter is clear. ‘We can’t wait for a vaccine and live in lockdown mode for another six to twelve months. If we did, our society and our culture would be destroyed, ‘he said in The Telegraph, UK (96).

Professor Dr. rer. nat. Alexander S. Kekulé is director of the Institute for Medical Microbiology at the Martin Luther University Halle-Wittenberg

“‘Data show that massive economic downturns also cost human lives in large numbers – the global economic crisis 2009 about half a million worldwide,” said the philosopher. So it is dangerous to stretch crises like the current one as far as possible in order to slow down the number of infections. ‘That is not possible, we cannot do it,’ he emphasized ” (97).

Professor Dr. Dr. hc Julian Nida-Rümelin, Ludwig Maximilians University Munich

“The Ouest France journalist tells the story of a video conference in the presence of a psychiatrist. ‘Suddenly, in the middle of the video conference, in which several hundred emergency doctors come together, like under a cold shower. Icy, even. The event did not make the headlines and did not even reach the doctors of the French CHU. ‘ ‘We had a tendril sister who cut her throat. Hospitalized in absolute emergency. She thought she infected her husband, who had coughing fits. ‘ Pierre Vidhailhet, psychiatrist at the University Clinic of Strasbourg (Bas-Rhin), whispered these words ” (98).

Professor Dr. Pierre Vidailhet, psychiatrist, University of Strasbourg, France

“At the Stockholm Karolinska Hospital, the situation in the Corona intensive care unit has become much calmer,” said senior physician David Konrad to the public TV SVT. More and more patients are currently being discharged from the clinic, he says. And of the mainly old and seriously ill who were brought in with life-threatening symptoms, well over 80 percent would have survived. 177 intensive care units were free for new patients at the weekend. ‘There are many free places in the intensive care units in all Stockholm hospitals,’ says the senior doctor. He currently looks after 127 corona patients. Only around ‘six to twelve’ patients with more severe symptoms are added every day. ‘We are approaching the flattening of the disease curve,’ says Konrad ” (99).

Dr. David Konrad, Karolinska University Hospital Stockholm, Sweden

“215 pregnant women (…) were examined for symptoms of Covid-19 when they were admitted. Four women (1.9%) had fever or other symptoms of Covid-19 on admission, and all four women tested positive for SARS-CoV-2 (Figure 1). Of the 211 women without symptoms, all were fever-free when admitted. Nose-throat swabs were taken from 210 of the 211 women (99.5%) who had no symptoms of Covid-19; of these women, 29 (13.7%) were positive for SARS-CoV-2. Thus 29 of the 33 patients who were positive for SARS-CoV-2 on admission (87.9%) had no symptoms of Covid-19 on presentation ” (100).

Dr. Desmond Sutton, Dr. Karin Fuchs, Dr. Mary D’Alton, Dr. Dena Goffman, Columbia University Irving Medical Center, New York, NY

“These protective measures could endanger us. You shouldn’t be afraid of herd immunity. (…) If we talk about closing the economy for a week, does that mean we can use this money to build a fancy hospital, and what does it mean that we can’t open this hospital? Even in the dry and careful numbers, I estimate that between 2,000 and 4,000 people in the country will die of the disease ” (101).

Professor Dr. Dan Yamin, director of the epidemic research laboratory at the University of Tel Aviv

“From the sixth week the increase in the number of patients was moderate and reached its peak in the sixth week with 700 patients per day. Since then, it has been declining and there are now only 300 new patients. In two weeks she will reach zero and there will be no new patients (…) It is the same all over the world. Both in countries where they have taken steps to close, such as Italy, and in countries where there have been no closures, such as Taiwan or Singapore. In these and those countries there is an increase up to the fourth to sixth week, and immediately afterwards a decrease until it disappears in the eighth week ” (102).

Professor Dr. Isaac Ben-Israel, President of the Israeli National Research Council

“However, what can already be transferred to Germany is the mortality rate among people with Coronavirus CoV-2 infections: Our results allow a fairly good estimate of the mortality in the order of 0.37 percent. We were able to determine this well with a representative sample. Scientist Christian Drosten also said in the ‘heute journal’ that this value does not surprise him ” (103).

Professor Dr. Hendrick Streeck, Professor of Virology and Director of the Institute for Virology and HIV Research at the Medical Faculty of the University of Bonn

“‘I assume that there will still be many legal disputes before the administrative courts on these issues.’ There are great doubts that ‘the rules are formulated sufficiently’. This increases suspicion of arbitrariness. In any case, the situation is completely new for the judiciary “ (104).

Lawyer Lea Voigt, Chair of the Security Committee of the German Lawyers’ Association (DAV)

“Because what is exaggerated are rare individual cases, and in some cases only indications, which on closer inspection pose no problem. Cases have also been reported as “secondary infections”, in which the virus was detected again by means of PCR after a Covid-19 disease had healed, but without the persons again showing symptoms. It is therefore worthwhile if you first orient yourself towards ‘normal biology’. And this is clear: We form neutralizing antibodies and thus immunity against virus infections – especially against beta coronaviruses, to which the SARS-CoV-2 belongs. (…) From what we know today, we can assume that infection with Covid-19 leaves a normal antibody response with neutralizing antibodies and reasonable immunity ” (105).

Professor Dr. med. Pietro Vernazza, chief physician of infectiology at the St. Gallen Cantonal Hospital, Switzerland

“The absolute risk of dying from COVID-19 ranged from 1.7 per million for people under 65 in Germany to 79 per million in New York City. The absolute risk of dying from COVID-19 was between about 1 in 6,000 in Germany and 1 in 420 in Spain for people aged ≥80 years. The risk of death for COVID-19 in people under the age of 65 during the period in which the epidemic was fatal corresponded to the risk of death with a mileage of between 9 miles per day (Germany) and 415 miles per day (New York City). Only 0.3%, 0.7% and 1.8% of all COVID-19 deaths in the Netherlands, Italy and New York City occurred in people under the age of 65 who had no predisposing underlying illnesses ” (106).

Professor Dr. John Ioannidis, Stanford University, USA

“The population prevalence of SARS-CoV-2 antibodies in the Santa Clara district suggests that the infection is much more common than the number of confirmed cases suggests. Population prevalence estimates can now be used to calibrate epidemic and mortality forecasts ” (107).

Professor Dr. Eran Bendavid (et al), Stanford University, USA

“Especially in Germany, no hospital is overwhelmed (…) Then I say the epidemic is over. (…) The number of newly infected people in Europe has been falling for at least three days (A) (…) Getting immunity is the fastest way to let children get infected and that is how to protect the elderly from being infected ( …) Measures have made the situation worse (…) Open the schools! There is none and there was never a reason to close schools ” (108).

Professor Dr. Knut Wittkowski from New York, USA, epidemiologist and biostatist, (A: Interview from April 8th)

“Such apps are currently being discussed at European level. And that nicely shows the problem that we have already mentioned, from the transition to the new reality: the question of how to proceed in the longer term after the lockdown. And how everything is compatible with our fundamental rights. It quickly becomes much more problematic than it is today. And such an app is indeed very problematic. Because it could be used to create 24-hour movement profiles of people. Thus, the traceability of the infection chain would be possible. At the same time, you would actually have the same result as if you observed us all around the clock. With such serious violations of fundamental rights, it is up to the state to look for methods that may be a little less effective, (109).

Professor Dr. Markus Schefer is a professor of constitutional law and administrative law at the University of Basel, Switzerland

“The corona virus is a global threat to human health – and is causing life to spin. Professor Ulrich Keil, epidemiologist from the University of Münster and former WHO advisor, compares the current epidemic with other epidemics. He calls for more serenity. (…) is of great concern these days ” (110).

Professor Dr. Ulrich Keil, epidemiologist from the University of Münster and former consultant to the WHO

“Corona shows that digital platforms may be important, but reality is still set by the leading media. The power lies with those who manage to place their version of reality in the Tagesschau, in the Süddeutsche Zeitung, in the Spiegel, in Die Zeit, in the Bild-Zeitung. We have seen what happens when government press releases become media reality, the big editorials howl with politicians, and their little followers brand every deviant on the web as a conspirator and health enemy. Approval rates as in North Korea ” (111).

Professor Dr. Michael Meyen, Professor of Communication Science at LMU Munich

“Based on public and published information, we estimate that the overall symptomatic risk of death (likelihood of dying after developing symptoms) of COVID-19 in Wuhan was 1.4% (0.9-2.1%) , which is significantly lower than both the corresponding raw or naive confirmed death risk (2,169 / 48,557 = 4.5%) and the approximator1 of deaths / deaths + recoveries (2,169 / 2,169 + 17,572 = 11%) as of February 29, 2020 “ (112).

Professor Dr. Tsz Kei Joseph Wu (et al), Professor of Epidemiology and Biostatistics, Hong Kong, China

“A scientifically founded discourse of all relevant medical societies B. ad hoc commission did not take place. Instead, virologists became media stars and political advisors who are now proclaiming the war against Corona (President Macron) or draconian measures for democracies. (…) However, large parts of the medical societies agree immunologically, herd immunization by infection or vaccination is required to stop the pandemic. (…) Driven by the media, one stage of escalation after the other is experienced and now face the restriction of democratically guaranteed basic rights without even leading the democratic social process of a discursive dialogue ” (113).

Professor Dr. med. Harald Matthes is the medical director of the Havelhöhe Community Hospital in Berlin

“Autopsies on COVID-19 deceased patients are no more dangerous than other infectious deceased people, for example those infected with tuberculosis or HIV or hepathitis C. (…) Of course, the autopsy has to make a very important contribution – as they say – to clarify the correct cause of death. Whether you died of COVID or with COVID. It is also about better understanding this new clinical picture ” (114).

Professor Dr. Gustavo Baretton is Chairman of the German Society for Pathology (DGP)

“The pandemic psychosis opens up the possibility of creating a new totalitarian world order to save humanity. The fact that there are greater interests in generating or even using a mass delusion is immediately punished as a ‘conspiracy theory’. (…) The fear of viruses only has to be stirred up for a long time, for example by virus mutation or ‘new’ viruses, so that practically all emergency laws must continue. With the fear of infection and death, all protests and all counter evidence are nipped in the bud and all serious consequences, such as unemployment, bankruptcy, impoverishment, social hardship, serious mental and psychosocial illnesses, violence, are blamed on the viruses. The political and economic conditions and causes remain untouched ” (115).

Dr. Hans-Joachim Maaz, former chief physician of the clinic for psychotherapy and psychosomatic medicine in Halle and long-time chairman of the German Society for Analytical Psychotherapy and Depth Psychology

“To date, a large part of the hectically cleared intensive care beds in hospitals is empty. The word has gotten around that the first predictions of an unchecked exponential spread of the allegedly completely new corona virus were far exaggerated. The all-clear is in the air, accompanied by warnings not to give up the contact block and isolation too quickly. But did they really help prevent medical disaster? Largely unnoticed data from the Robert Koch Institute suggest that the trend was reversed even before the toughest countermeasures such as school closings and ban on meetings. And that SARS-CoV-2 only has a partial role in the diseases we focus on – like every year the different viruses for the flu season ” (116).

Dr. Johannes Wollbold, systems biologist and mathematician

“We should never have pressed the stop button. Commentators and Monday trainers have to switch off the flashlight: The Danish health service has control over the situation. And the total shutdown was a step too far ” (117).

Professor Dr. Jens Otto Lunde Jörgensen, Aarhus Universitetshospital, Denmark

“Some of the water carriers of the new world government have already spilled out: lifting the restrictions on fundamental rights would require that there be a vaccine or a drug against ‘Covid-19’. The fact that the vast majority of those affected either do not get sick at all or manage the disease without any therapy exposes the threat of this announcement ” (118).

Dr. Gerd Reuther, university lecturer and specialist in radiology

“The epidemic reveals a second, no less disturbing fact: the state of emergency, which the governments have been attuning to us for some time, has become our normal state. There have been worse epidemics in the past than today, but no one had ever thought of declaring a state of emergency like the one now that even prevents us from moving freely. People have got used to living in conditions of constant crisis and emergency. They do not seem to notice that their lives have been reduced to a purely biological function and that they have lost not only every social or political dimension, but also human or affective dimensions. A society that lives in a constant state of emergency cannot be a free society ” (119).

Professor Dr. Giorgio Agamben, Italy. Professor of philosophy at the Universities of Venice and Paris

“According to a new study by the RKI, this number of reproductions they called, which indicates how many new people are infected by an infected person … has dropped to below 1 before the lockdown. (…) If you look at the graphic, you can see (…) on March 20 that it sinks below 1. Three days later the lockdown came. That was March 23. And if you look further now, you can see that the curve remains below 1 with minor fluctuations. It is not the case that after the lockdown the curve continues to go down. One can therefore conclude two things from this: 1. The lockdown was not necessary because it [reproductive factor, number of reproductions] was already below 1, and 2. The lockdown was also not effective because it did not decrease [reproductive factor, number of reproductions] due to the lockdown is “ (120).

Professor Dr. Stefan Homburg, University of Hanover

“It is important that the doctors are heard. But obviously there are situations (…) where doctors in the hospital and the official functions have been muzzled ” (121).

Dr. Stephan Rietiker, medical doctor, Switzerland

“The psychological principle that makes us afraid of swine flu, bird flu or COVID-19, but not of the common flu, is fear of the risk of fear. It is easy to instill fear of episodes in which many people die within a short interval, such as plane crashes or epidemics. (…) For example, when swine flu spread, many governments followed the advice of the World Health Organization and hoarded Tamiflu, a drug that was launched to protect against the serious effects of the flu. However, many WHO experts have had financial ties to drug manufacturers and there is still no evidence that Tamiflu is effective ” (122).

Professor Dr. Gerd Gigerenzer is director of the Harding Center for Risk Competence at the University in Potsdam

“Suicides, social anger and legal complaints – epidemics such as those of SARS (2003 in China and Canada) and Ebola (2014 in West Africa) have already illustrated what can cause quarantine in the people affected. The potential benefits of such mandatory mass isolation must therefore be carefully weighed against the psychological disadvantages, emphasize Dr. Samantha K. Brooks of London’s King’s College and colleagues ” (123).

Dr. Samantha K. Brooks (et al), King’s College, London, United Kingdom

“‘We expect the Chancellor to be able to resume the drastically postponed hospital treatments.’ (…) Gass emphasizes: ‘People are at risk of dying because they are not treated in time because of Corona.’ There are 30 percent decline in occupancy in the clinics. Gass: ‘We have 150,000 free hospital beds and around 10,000 free intensive care beds.’ (…) In Berlin only 68 ITS beds are occupied by corona patients, 60 of whom are ventilated. This contrasts with 341 empty ITS beds. Gass: ‘The Berlin emergency clinic with 1000 beds in the exhibition halls is currently not needed’ ” (124).

Dr. Gerald Gaß, President of the German Hospital Society

“Has SARS-CoV-2 fooled the whole world? (…) An IFR of 0.1%, which is probably a conservative number, indicates that everyone is already infected. This implies that SARS-CoV-2 spread quickly before almost everyone was aware of it. It is therefore likely that the virus is airborne. I urge the world to get away from the barriers quickly and orderly and to develop sensible approaches to fighting the disease without causing further economic misery. It may be difficult to do this, but the cure is currently far worse than the disease ” (125).

Professor Dr. Mikko Paunio, epidemiologist, University of Helsinki, Finland

“I think what we see is a tsunami of an ordinary mild illness that sweeps across Europe and some countries do it and some countries do it and some countries don’t and in the end there will be very small differences (… ) Most people who get it will not even notice that they are infected ” (126).

Professor Dr. Johan Giesecke, epidemiologist, Sweden

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