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Source: Ivermectine-COVID

In this 20-minute interview, Dr Tess Lawrie explains what led her to carry out her meta-analysis, presents the results, and talks about her disillusionment with the inaction of political and health authorities. She also evokes the next steps towards recognition, and the steps she has taken in this direction. In the 3 short videos below, she summarizes the reasons for her approach (1), the results of her analysis (2) and finally the follow-up to be given (3).

Originally published January 24. Dr Tess Lawrie details the very encouraging results of her meta-analysis on the efficacy of ivermectin against COVID-19.

Tess Lawrie holds a doctorate in medicine. She grew up, studied medicine and obtained her doctorate in South Africa, where she practiced clinical medicine and surgery.

She is the founder and director of the Evidence Based Medical Consultancy in Bath, UK.

Dr Lawrie is a researcher specializing in the synthesis of evidence

She is committed to making evidence-based syntheses for nonprofits around the world

Dr Tess Lawrie
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More information in English on ivermectin: ivermectin-covid.ch

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