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Hat Tip: Jeffrey Dach MD

Source: The HighWire with Del Bigtree / Richard M Fleming PhD, MD, JD

The origins of #Covid19 are becoming increasingly clear, and Dr. Richard Fleming, cardiologist and researcher walks Del through a shocking paper trail surrounding the SARS-CoV2 virus and its link to Tony Fauci and US funded gain-of-function research

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POSTED: May 13, 2021


From the YouTube summary:

Freddie Sayers meets Nicholas Wade.

Accompanying article here: https://unherd.com/thepost/nicholas-w…

Listen to the podcast version here: https://shows.acast.com/lockdowntv-wi… former-new-york-times-writer-the-lab-leak-theory-is-most-pla

The so-called lab-leak hypothesis for the origins of Covid-19 has been gaining more and more traction in recent months. Once dismissed as a crankish fringe theory, it has slowly been entering into mainstream scientific discussion. Just this week, America’s CDC Director said that it was ‘possible’ that Covid could have leaked from a lab as ‘significant circumstantial evidence’ emerges.

One analyst who has made a significant contribution to the debate is Nicholas Wade, a former reporter at the New York Times, who recently self-published a piece detailing how the lab-leak theory isn’t just a possibility, it is (in his view) the most likely explanation. Though there is no definitive evidence for either theory, Wade argues that the key details are easier to explain within the context of a lab leak origin, as he tells Freddie Sayers on LockdownTV.