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Norm’s note: the entire thread, of course, is worthy of your serious attention. But the item titled ‘And this‘ and provided by ‘Teri,’ posted below Madelaine’s tweet, did arrest my hovering attention. If the brief news clip is accurate, I’ll venture a guess and say we are beginning to see the emergence of vaccine induced ADE. ADE would in a clinical sense present no differently than COVID-19 although outbreaks, here and there around the globe, would be “out of season,” so to speak. In the case of Australia, however, the peak of ‘flu season’ is typically in August, and thus this outbreak fits the usual pattern. What is amiss, however, and that seems to implicate the vaccines, is the number of vaccinated involved and a breakdown in what has been the typical risk cohort for COVID-19 in terms of severity. Much that is mere speculation, here.