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Okay. You can view the original interview HERE, on Odysee.com.

Norm’s note: well how about that! The entire “Pandemic Podcast” channel has been taken down because, to quote YouTube, “This account has been terminated for violating YouTube’s Community Guidelines.” How ironic. Censorship and “paying the price for speaking out” are du jour. Given that people are being shut down in this fashion for putting out information, just how well informed can we suppose the general public to be if its only fare is what is on offer in the mainstream media? Something is seriously amiss. Simply surreal.

And it’s gone! Along with the entire channel.

From the YouTube summary:

There is often a price to pay for publicly questioning government directives, as today’s guest knows from personal experience.
Dr Chris Milburn was fired as the Head of ER medicine for the eastern zone of Nova Scotia, Canada, after questioning the validity of mask mandates, vaccination for all age groups, and saying public health officials had been given too much power. Soon after speaking out in a radio interview, he was dismissed and was told in private that his views were deemed ‘unacceptable’.
Dr Milburn advocates changing the way scientific data is discussed, arguing that without open and public debate, science becomes ‘The Science’ and political dogma. With policy largely unchallenged and the harmful effects of lockdowns going unreported in the mainstream media, he publicly opposes non-scientific policy decisions that cause more harm than good.
Join me at 5pm BST today when I’ll be exploring how Dr Milburn arrived at his position and what he suggests should now be done differently.
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