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Norm’s note: nothing is either white or black. And yes, one must make fateful decisions in fraught situations even in the absence of complete or reliable information. Living means having to make leaps of faith. Do we live under a current reign of corrupt institutions? Yes, we do. Are we being lied to on an ongoing basis? Of course. And yes, it’s true, if ‘our’ institutions are corrupt, they are also not entirely so. Many men and women are people of integrity, and many of them really do know something about their fields of academic specialization. But on the matters at hand, the field of knowledge is strewn with controversy. The learned virologists, microbiologists, and epidemiologists, among those who attest to no conflict of interest, do not agree among themselves about the many aspects of this so-called pandemic. I sift through their arguments and note those I think best, and though I presume to know nothing with certainty, I nevertheless assume my discernments. Eric doesn’t think that the vaccination campaign can be reduced merely to a profiteering operation. True: nothing that is a product of countless interactions and relations, that is to say, of society, is ever simply a matter of only this or that, but some things discernably do carry more weight than others. In a society where the prime directive is ‘money making,’ and in a situation where the production of the vaccines at hand is for-profit production to the tune of guaranteed billions of dollars, the business plan IS to get a needle into as many arms as possible and as often as possible. That explains the rampant censorship and the relentless propaganda intent upon getting everyone vaccinated regardless of any and all risks. If you understand this and yet decide that you should take the vaccine, I can only say that I myself am not going to play along.

From the Rebel Wisdom summary:

What does Eric Weinstein make of the current controversy around vaccines and Ivermectin, centred on the criticism of his brother Bret’s podcast, the Dark Horse.
In the last days, Sam Harris and former guest Yuri Deigin have both been heavily critical of claims made by both Bret and his guests.
In this conversation with Rebel Wisdom’s David Fuller, Eric talks through his concerns at what is going on, and what he thinks are the deeper currents of the problem, including a lack of effective leadership in dealing with the pandemic.
Films mentioned in this episode:
Eric Weinstein, Glitch in the Matrix 2: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TKeMI…
Sam Harris, A Contagion of Bad Ideas: https://samharris.org/subscriber-extr…
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