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Complaints to be laid against leading heart surgeon after ‘problematic’ video on Covid-19 vaccines

Norm’s note: Zakiyah Ebrahim, Nicole Mccain, and Bevan Lakay have teamed up to rescue the truth and the vaccination campaign from the dangerous countercampaign of misinformation being conducted by Dr Susan Vosloo. Vaccine hesitancy is the product of wacky ‘conspiracy theories,’ don’t you know, like that of the ‘lab leak hypothesis’, but certainly of the ‘5G’ and ‘the vaccines make you magnetic’ varieties. Everybody with half-a-brain knows that the mRNA vaccines are “safe and effective.” Of course, astute readers of the actual scientific literature know this to be absolutely “true.” No one is dying or has died or will die from the vaccines, and breakthrough cases — well, who da fuck cares about ‘breakthrough cases’ anyway?

Here is the scientific proof that Dr. Susan Vosloo’s purports are scientifically null and void:

A) “Other leading medical experts say the comments are dangerous and “utter rubbish“” [Experts to be revealed shortly . . .And my emphasis, eh.]

B) “Rarely (& I’ve been exposed to quite a lot) have I heard such utter rubbish from a member of the medical establishment. Frankly dangerous.” [Expert quoted: “Marc Mendelson, Professor of Infectious Diseases and Head of the Division of Infectious Diseases & HIV Medicine at Groote Schuur Hospital.” My emphasis, too, eh.]

C) “Agreed, fictitious, rubbish and dangerous.” [Tweeted out by expert, “Professor Mendelson, Thomas Scriba, Professor at University of Cape Town and Deputy Director, Immunology at South African TB Vaccine Initiative.” My emphasis, too, eh.]

Apparently, expert party leader John Steenhuisen “was not immediately available for comment.”

So there you have it. Experts who are expert at spotting ‘conspiracy theories’ have spotted yet another ‘conspiracy theorist,’ and they would remind you, as does the expert William Bird — the director of Media Monitoring Africa, albeit presumably expert in fuck all to do with medicine — that the “main thing is to get these people not to disseminate misinformation.”

Now repeat after me: Safe. And. Effective.

Now please go back to sleep. All of you. And if you know something we think you shouldn’t, just shut up about it. That’s the main thing, eh.

(But . . .buta . . .whatabout dis(?): Scientists who authored article denying lab engineering of SARS-CoV-2 privately acknowledged possible lab origin, emails show. It’s all just so cray cray.)