Norm’s note: And if three shots ain’t enough, maybe a fourth? And then a fifth? Even better, why not an intravenous drip of mRNA? Make it both permanent and portable. So that only people with an IV could get out and about. Then you wouldn’t have to carry a vaccination passport, which would placate a lot of civil rights extremists. But seriously, limiting the third shot to people immunocomprised by the first two shots [with weakened immune systems] falls short of what is really needed, as corroborated by this expert:

 I am calling on older people in the public, especially people over sixty, but also people fifty and up, who haven’t yet gotten the third shot, the booster, to tell them: your lives and your health are very important to me, but so long as you haven’t gotten vaccinated with the third dose, you are in mortal danger. Go out and get vaccinated.

Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett