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[Norm’s note: Yup. It’s winter in Oklahoma. And I’ll bet that this ‘horseshit story’ will become ‘fact’ in the minds of most who come by it. And if you call it out for what it is, most will look at you as if you have two heads. Or do I have too little faith?]

All of what follows is an unrolled Tweet, the original of which you can find here: Chris Martenson, PhD

The Doctor that was quoted in dozens of articles saying gunshot victims couldn’t get into beds because they were clogged with 1verm3ctin OD victims…turns out not to have worked in that ER for 2 months. Oh, the hospital denies any IVM ODs too. So there’s also that.

Wall of shame @DailyMailUK edition:

Originally tweeted by Chris Martenson, PhD (@chrismartenson) on September 4, 2021.